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Progress is slow, but things are still plodding along, details within.

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Alright, its been a while since a update so I figured I better let everyone know whats going on with TK before people start thinking its yet another abandoned mod.

Progress has been slow largely down to real life stuff, so I haven't been able to do as much as I would of liked to. I have some time again so I'll be doing as much as I can, I'll also get around to answering all the unanswered PMs I have when I can! :)

Anyway, heres what I've managed to cross off the todo list;

  • Fixed "Cannot build GAME Path" errors at the bar
  • Edited unique weapons so they are useful again
  • Fixed some unique weapons having the wrong sound path specified
  • Hopefully fixed Barkeep becoming hostile if the player has a bad reputation
  • Fixed NPC reputation behaviour toward the player
  • Edited the new zombie types so they have their own unique traits
  • Hopefully fixed some engine stalling when F1 grenades explode in small places

Thats it so far, I've resumed pushing forward in the game itself to get saves of each level so I can collect positional data for rain and wet surfaces effects. Oh, and I may release TK a little early as what remains to be done I can patch in.

When I get a chance I'll also upload some custom tools people will need if they want to make their own changes to TKs all.spawn.


TK is outstanding! You should get an award for crazy persistence: continuously reworking this, even when it was already good enough for most, (but not good enough for you obviously). You've tweaked that xray engine for everything it's got.
Makes me wonder, what will you work on after this? Call of Pripyat? Or are you through with STALKER?
Thank you for everything you've done.

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ketxxx Author

I promised I would make SoC the game it should of been when released, I keep my promises ;) I still also firmly think X-Ray 1.0 deserves to be shown for what it is truly capable of without "cheats" (rewriting DLLs and renderers etc). Somebody needed to show how awesome X-Ray could of been for its day and thats exactly what me and meltac decided to do and is why I didn't port TK over to anything like LA although I may still release a HD texture pack for LA.

As for what will I do after SoC, or "life after SoC" if you will, I don't know really. I've considered taking the UE4 engine and making a whole new Stalker game but thats the kind of project I'd need a REALLY good team for and funding, hell the TK project I should of looked at a way to fund it I've been at it about 10 years now largely soldiering on by myself. The other option is I simply switch to small scale stuff answering pleas from players of broken mods, fixing them up that kinda thing. Perhaps I may even retire from modding (but I'll still be around) who knows really.

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