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As title says, TK 2.Zero build 3-10-12 is now live.

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Oh yes, build 3-10-12 has just gone live. This news update is just to let you all know for those that don't know. As usual the build is compatible with 1.0004 only. I plan to release a update package making the mod work with 1.0005 and / or 1.0006 but the patch first requires testing time and for me to make sure the updates don't kill the visuals of the new TK build (GSC done something to the renderer with the 1.0005 and 1.0006 patches) so because of this the update patch might be limited to 1.0005. The biggest differences in this TK build vs. the previous build is that I've retextured and bump mapped more or less the entire game, some textures are not of my own doing (obviously being used with various folks blessing) but 95%+ of textures and bump maps I have made myself. All textures however have had something done to them in some way weather it be simply optimising the texture so it doesn't use as much vRAM to artifact removal, colour/saturation adjustments, etc.

Oh and of course the other "big" change thats largely responsible for the delayed release is proper dynamic fog. Currently the fog is only implemented on the Yantar and Radar levels where it needs some refining, but none the less I included it in the 3-10-12 build anyway for people to see "in person".

There have also been a large number of other changes, most of which are simply laying the turf for the final phase of TK. Build 3-10-12 can be considered a precursor to the fabled 2.0 "final build" tag, everything that remains to be done I can now do in patch form to bring build 3-10-12 up to the final build.

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