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Work In Progress details for the TK mod. What the hell is wrong with this thing keep saying there is a "error" in this section? *rollseyes*

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Ok, well it’s been a busy few weeks for me working on the TK mod. So many
aspects being implemented, changed, optimised and checked. I like to be
thorough down to the smallest detail. Quality is important to me :o)

So, whoever reads this is probably wondering just what I have been doing in preparation
for the latest beta release. Well, there’s a lot of texture replacements and
heavy modifications of existing textures. Plus I recently completely
re-balanced all the handguns to make them more useful as after some thought an
analysis I realised the delta between handguns and assault rifles was a little
too big.

There’s been some script reworking that’s gone on as well to correct a few
minor bugs and one CTD, and at this point with the latest script reworking I
consider any bugs TK had to now all be ironed out as there’s no more I'm aware
of. AI has also been tweaked again, especially in regard to snipers. Snipers
are no longer "blind" and will engage you from quite some distance
away. I finally got around to implementing the empty stashes workaround as
well, I'm relying on any playtesters to let me know if it works ok.

What to expect in the new beta:

- NPCs now throw grenades and use medkits again (I borked this up in the last
beta, sorry guys :o( )

- There’s been heavy modification to smart terrain presets, even without
starting a new game I noticed a lot of differences, so hopefully this will be
better still with a new game.

- I'm hoping to implement some script which will make it so NPCs know how to
use Grenade Launchers.

- Sound changes have also been made, I believe the sounds are a joint effort
between imperial reign and Darius6. Great work guys those sounds are great!

- HUD tweaked. The new HUD is based on Darius6s 1154 HUD mod, but I tweaked
the fonts a tad.

- Textures within the game now also have the ability to react much better
with light sources, such as when the sun is in the direction of a building,
that building will now reflect a set percentage of light. It looks better than
it sounds, I'll upload some screens for you to check out.

- Lots more I can't think of off the top of my head!

Ket, signing off for now.

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