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Titanium Hound - demo version 0.1.2 is now available on IndieDB and Steam!

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I've finally made several improvements to Titanium Hound demo based on feedback from players. I'm sorry that I couldn't address all the feedback in this small update - some things require more time to be implemented. Here is the list of improvements in version 0.1.2:

  1. Game now detects if pressed key belongs to keyboard or it was gamepad button (or stick movement). This makes game switch between keyboard and gamepad on fly. In-game tutorial for gamepad is also ready.
  2. Gamepad's right stick now fully duplicates its left stick's functionality both in game menus and while controlling your character in combat.
  3. Contrast between background and foreground was increased to make foreground look more comfortable, especially during intense action.
  4. Crafted items activation/deactivation visualization was redesigned to cross-selector which is always visible on combat UI no matter if an item was crafted or not.

You can get the demo on Steam and IndieDB:

Titanium Hound demo 0.1.2

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