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A quick summary of more that you can expect from Titanic Titans mod.

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Hey guys, Atheon here bringing you another quick look at the Titanic Titans mod. First of all, if you plan on seeing greater progress or contributing to the final ideas of the mod, check the mod images! I am posting images with large descriptions that explain the different Titans' new roles, and their new variants. These updates will be posted as they come to mind or are completed. Our first subject in this quicklook is the "Titan Variant" system, which will be codenamed "TV" or "Variants" in this article.

What is a Titan Variant? A Titan Variant is an alternative version of the faction's Titan, most commonly with an alternative playstyle and ability set. All Variants will be upgraded versions of the base Titan in some way or another, but will have different weaknesses and strengths as well. Variants are being divided into three "tiers," one for each of a faction's Titan Variants. Tier one will always be the faction's regular Titan, with my changes, of course. Tier two will be upgraded, with an alternative playstyle. It will require a certain amount of researched subjects before construction, and costs a more hefty sum than the tier one. Tier three Titans are as they sound -- they are significantly better (at first) than their counterparts, but require much more in order to field.

What does this mean for the faction's regular Titan? The faction's base Titan begins weaker than its two higher-tiered variants, but at later levels becomes equally powerful. This works because base Titans receive better stats-per-level than variants. In the end, it is just as useful to have a variant as it is to have a base. It all depends on your personal playstyle.

When will the mod be released? Currently, I'm not sure, as progress is, sadly, slower than expected. I have a very busy life, and am fighting a lot of sickness within the family. But, this mod will be my main free-time priority, and I'll try to get a balanced release out as soon as I can. Thanks, guys!

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