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My tips to reduce the probability of getting CTDs with Stalker mods in general :

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My tips to reduce the probability of getting CTDs with Stalker mods in general :

  1. Always use latest patches/updates
  2. Avoid quick-saves, instead try "hard-saves" (via game menu)
  3. Avoid "Overloading" your game with too much active missions , always focus on finishing'em first
  4. If you don't have a SSD drive , always defrag your game/HDD for smooth & fast experience
  5. Better deactivate your antivirus while playing offline
  6. From time to time , use one of "trusty" optimizer softwares
  7. From tie to time , scan your System for viruses, malwares...
  8. Ignorance is your first enemy : Before trying anything ,that you don't know how it works, ask "trustworthy" people about best methods ,tips & hints.
  9. Avoid "suspicious" mods , download mods , ONLY from authentic sites like ..etc
  10. Always make sure that you're using the right patch with the right mod: some mods use only compatible versions & patches
  11. Steam & versions are not 100% compatible with some of Stalker mods : Yoctosfera included
  12. When you uninstall/install games/mods , make sure that you know exactly what are you doing : always make it accurate,clean , professional & especially make everything in order !
  13. You must understand that STALKER engine (X-ray) is not the most powerful engine on the market , respect that fact : it's not the most stable nor the most perfect
  14. You must know the limits of your rigs , don't be too hard on your PC/laptop
  15. Don't forget to update your Windows & your drivers
  16. If you have any questions about Stalker games , join me in this glorious facebook group or here

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Good sensible advice for your PC in general.

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How else do you get Clear Sky if not on Steam or GOG?

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An old dvd I guess? I do have Clear sky on disc but not the other two. What I wonder is why the steam and gog versions are different? What makes them incompatible?

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