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Ill show you some ways i speed up the fps for my minecraft

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This first tip is to not have that many open prosseces or programs that use your cpu so i recommed stoping any downloads or maby any games or videos that you might be streaming.
Also try seting minecrafts priorty to high
1: Open task manigher (CTRL + ALT + DELETE) Then click on start up task manigher or open task manigher
2: Now make sure you have minecraft open and running
3: You see that you have the Aplications Task manigher and minecraft open If you have any other aplications open it will show them to but just worry about minecraft
4: Then Right click minecraft and its gona take you to the prossece ( It will have a light blue shade rectangle covering the prossece which is normal for windows
5: The prossece is gona be named ( Javaw.exe *32 or 64 ) Then right click prossece
6: It will show a list of options but were looking for Set Priority Then left click that and set the priorty to high and BOOM! you speed up minecraft ( DO NOT SET TO REALTIME)
Thats one of the many ways to speed up minecraft
( ONLY FOR WINDOWS ) ???????

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