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This is the story of the game, from Timo-T's perspective, the main character. It is not the final version, there will be modifications to it, but we thought that it would be a good direction for it. Now we are working on Timo-T's perspective. If You have the time to read it please tell us if you like the direction that this is heading. This version is related to the first one, Og's perspective.

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Timo-T’s perspective

Ship’s log, entry 233: My name is Timo. It’s been 7 light years since we’ve left our home in search for a cure for the disease that is killing most of the population from our home planet. Whoever get’s infected with this disease, will have rapid cellular acceleration which causes very fast aging, approximatively 5000 times faster. Once you get it, in 1-3 earthly days you will be dead. And it is airborne transmissible. This is the virus that could destroy our world and it was engineered by our scientists, as a weapon to use against invaders, unfortunately someone made a mistake and it got released in our atmosphere.

We’ve arrived to small planet called Earth in the T Sector of the Univers, on which the dominant species are quadrupeds, some are very large and very dangerous, we try to avoid them, we’ve already lost 2 members of our crew to these creatures. We’ve also met a less threatening biped species which we called humans. They don’t represent a threat to us, they’re more likely scared of us, but the interesting thing that we’ve noticed after scanning them, is that they have the neurological connections in their brain very similar to ours… which means that they have the ability to learn. We’ve already had some encounters with them and tried to teach them a few things, like how to make a fire, how to create tools, how to build a shelter which could offer them a more comfortable situation and we are still teaching them how to speak…. This is the hardest part of all, let’s just say, most of them have an IQ of a rock. One of them, a small child seems to be a step up on the evolution scale. His name is Og, he learns very fast. He calls me Timo-T. I can actually have a decent conversation with him. This child has something special in him.

Ship’s log entry 234: We have been here for some time now… 2 earthly years. We’ve started to make some tests on volunteer subjects. We are injecting the serums in the subjects, but it takes time until we will see the first results. The subjects have an incredible immunitary system. They are perfect. We’ve induced them a coma so that they won’t feel any pain or discomfort, we may be strangers to them, but we are not savages. If they were awake, they’d suffer a great amount of pain. I’d only wish there was another way, but I will do whatever it takes to cure all the loved ones back home. If we find a cure in time to save our kind, we’ll honor their sacrifice, make them the saviours of our world and of course we’ll help them to become the dominant species on this planet.

Ship's log entry 235: I know I didn’t record other datas into the log for a long time now… It’s been 15 earthly years. We’ve received a message from another team that is closer to our home world. Half of the population that was in quarantine, got infected with the virus, so we don’t have much time left to find a cure for this terrible disease. We must speed up the process. I have talked to the rest of the team and we’ve all came to an agreement, we need more subjects… We decided to go back to the humans and take all of them with us.

“We have a good news, you can all come with us. Open the door and let them in. Now release the gas (whispering)”... “Remember we are not here to harm them, take really good care of them, one of them might wear the genes that we need”.

Ship's log entry 236: It’s been 3 earthly months since we’ve inserted the serums in everyone, one subject shows signs of success, we’ve managed to reduce his aging process to about 40 times slower than normal, but that’s not enough, I’ll increase the dosage. Did he just move? Is he awake?

Ship's log entry 237: We’ve just received another message that the virus spread and killed everyone on our homeworld… it was all done in vain. I can’t believe that this is happening. We have no home anymore. Some crew members have gone berserk. I fear that this isn’t about finding a cure anymore, now it became a quest for the fountain of youth. I cannot let them put their hands on this subject. I’ll destroy the data.

Ship's log entry 238: It’s been 2 earthly months since I’ve increased the dosage and the data shows that his aging process is reduced to about 40.000 times. He is practically immortal. Could it be because of the fact that he keeps waking up from the induced coma? - Alarm sound - What is happening? - Computer: “Volcano eruption imminent, opening doors, 5 minutes to evacuation before lockdown, maze protocol activated.” - Boom - He woke up! “Don’t make a sound! I’ll get these needles out of you, but it will hurt!”

“Listen to me if you go that way they will find you and catch you and later you’ll be strapped again in this place, go the other way, there you will find a door that has opened because of the maze protocol. It’s a defence system in case anyone would discover this facility. Remember you are 50 levels buried underground, in order to get to the surface you will have to break the code to open 50 doors, but beware the lasers and the cannons. Each time you pass one door the next one will be harder! It is imperative that you manage to get outside! Go now! You are running out of time!!! The level of the lava is rising! GO!! I’ll catch up I just have to take the data here for later study. I’ll see you on the other side!”

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