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The first mission-and-a-half is finished, and I need some volunteers to test the mod and give feedback.

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Finally, the test fersion of the first mission is out!
I need you guys, those of you who want to give it a shot, to check out for bugs and give us feedback about the difficulity.
If found any, please leave a comment or contact via the contact info given inside the Readme.

Download link:
(If doesn't work, try this: )

Freelancer Mod Manager (FLMM) 1.3 or higher. (Can be found in ModDB)

1. Unrar the file.
2. Copy "TimeLancer" folder into the "mods" folder at FLMM's location.
3. Launch FLMM and activate "Timelancer: Tester's Edition".
4. Launch Freelancer.
(Please remember to read the Readme)

Thanks to all those who volunteer!

LopD - - 19 comments

I´ll give it a go :D
I am not a big fan of freelancer without reason
And keep on going, I am anxious to see the full version

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Polarts Author
Polarts - - 354 comments

Thanks! Once the testing session is over (in the beginning of the next month) I'll start developing the rest of the missions.

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LopD - - 19 comments

Take your time developing it, we want it to be mega awesome insanely good :D
I tested the first mission till the part where you capture the loader thingies and bring them back. I found some stuff that could be improved:
Cruise speed: (you fly forever to the different places)
Navigation: (the nav points dont give you the fastest way, but the most direct, when you start from Manhattan, you have to manually click the trade lane instead of it being part of the nav point, its not a big problem for me, but I dunno how the others think about it.
Weapons: Why do pirates have experimental weps? And could you make it that way, that they drop one in the first mission to help you a bit along the way?
But for the rest I like it, the battles are a bit harder then the usual battles where the thing you have to do is to power your thruster a bit to dodge.

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Guest - - 699,730 comments

i played this mod and i have to say : keep it the fck up! its fcking awesome until now! the story seems to be very interesting. i want to play more ! some bugs:
-Orillion is white instead green
-these DSE Ships doesnt used their Fly mode
-The waypoints are a little bit bugged

well after i headed on to texas i was a little suprised cuz i thought that the mod ends in houston but after i used the traderoute to the bering JG i was kinda happy that i could fight against them once again!
if you need some private volunteers add me in skype: burn0ut_paradise
edit: but pls keep it this time up , not like ur another 2 projects... :/

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