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The very first blog entry of this group. Hello!

For the first blog entry, there is not much to say

Even if I am the only member of the team being on ModDB, it was my job to make the group on the website. The other members are coming! Don't worry! I am not alone.

There is:
Me, Team Leader and Level Designer
Tikk, Tester (He has a keen eye when testing)
My cousin, he like music a lot so I guess he will do some music when he has the time!

I currently have two other people that I wait for an answer. Both of them are coders wich is what I need. If you know how to code in C++, feel free to PM me! (I also have a job post on the jobs board).

The mod? He is called "Iron Sight". The aim of the mod is to make the most realistic close combat mod on the source engine. Having the choice to play wathever you want (Sneak or Charge) is the top priority for the first version. I don't think adding a lot of weapons is a must for the first release (maybe four or five weapon on the first release).

The current state of the project is "Coming nicely". Some weapons are modded... But I wait for a coder to make REAL weapons.

Anyway, have a good day! And I hope that this great adventure will stay for a long time!

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