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Our Mod Has Been Reviewed on Time of War

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Our mod has recently been reviewed on Time Of War a gaming website to check out this review go to but may need to have a translator (unless you speak french)

This is part of what they wrote:

r are endless and so mostly it is only interested in those who have real pictures to show us some of our attention from birth.

A Great Gathering, "A Grand Reunion is one of them. Genuine mammoth project, certainly the most ambitious mod that we have ever seen, it promises indeed to gather all the armies of all Command & Conquer for a titanic conflict.

Indeed loan of 13 factions are expected to compete over the world in this war that exceed the barrier sets and epochs.

They are:

1. Allies (America (including Canada and South), England, Germany, Italy, France and South Korea
2. Soviets (Russia, Cuba, China, Libya, Vietnam and Iraq)
3. Empire (Japan, Mongolia, India, South Arabia and Taiwan)
4. GDI (ZOOM, Steel Talon and GDI)
5. Nod (Blackhand, Marked of Kane and Nod)
6. Scrin (Traveler-59, LLP-17 and Scrin)
7. GLA
8. USA
9. China
10. Yuri (Yuri Forces, Chad, Niger, Suddenly, Egypt and South Africa)
11. The Forgotten
13. Futuretech (AR3: Rebellion)

In addition to this, the developers promise us new maps, new missions and new units.

For this ambitious undertaking will require the team of many talents and if you have any aptitude for modding, please give them your support.
go to: to read on

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