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After spending several weeks developing Darkening Demise I've come to realize just how much honesty, positivity, and actual criticism is lacking today. The internet is truly the troll's playground and nothing more. Because of this I no longer give a #$!@ about what people have to say. Continue reading on for more information.

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One of the main differences between my game and the others is they're 'copying' Day Z, a highly unoriginal overrated over hyped piece of crap mod/game is I'm making a simple arcade oriented game for those who just want to jump in, build score, and have fun, then drop out. No fighting over a can of beans, no hackers, no unstable servers, no PVPers, no bull*%$@. YET the retards that plague the internet and gaming say otherwise with Darkening Demise as yet another 'Day Z clone'. For those *!@%$& all I have to say is suck it!

Now onto the important stuff, I've added several more texture variations to the character and vehicles, expanded the world, added more decor, added more buildings, added more gliders, and optimized things for semi better performance (This will vary on each system). Below are some screenshots to showcase these additions/changes.

Character Varietyv2Character Varietyv2
Showing the character variations.

New World AdditionsNew World AdditionsNew World AdditionsNew World AdditionsNew World Additions
To see more look at the screenshot section of the Moddb page.

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