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I didn't know people actually still looked at this page.

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Good evening. I wasn't aware people were still occasionally visiting this page, never mind curious about the progress of this mod. To those who have actually been paying attention here, I sincerely apologise. I must admit I haven't visited this page (never mind updated it) in at least four years. Please ignore the pointless news imagery. ModDB (for some peculiar reason) would not let me post anything without one, and none of my old mod logos were large enough for their size requirements.

The mod still exists. It's actually gone through a bit of a reboot since I last stopped by here. A new game engine extension system called Ares succeeded RockPatch years ago, and I subsequently took the opportunity to rewrite the mod to work with the new options. However, you've probably picked up on my use of the past tense. I hesitate to use the term "dead". My mod is not dead. I prefer to say it's currently in cold storage. Unfortunately, as is the case with all lone wolf projects such as these, real life always gets in the way. In my case, I've had the combined loads of my university degree and jobs to contend with.

Time isn't the only barrier though... unfortunately motivation is a major factor. This game is now twelve years old. My mod itself has been kicking around in some form or another for nearly a decade. We've all (hopefully) grown up slightly. As I look at the plans I've had saved on my computer for units, super weapons, sides, campaign missions, etcetera... it's all been done by now. Popular wide-reaching mods like Mental Omega have since came up with ideas I've been toying with including for years, and have done a far better job of implementing them than I probably could have. Another problem is that since my graphics capabilities don't extend any further than making interface elements, I have to rely solely on the use of unit assets from resource sites, or recolours I can cobble together in Photoshop. So I find myself constantly asking the question, "What would people actually get out of this mod that they can't already get elsewhere now?" ... and I struggle to think of answers.

When I get home in the evening, I make dinner, I get some work done, and then I try to relax and attempt to get a reasonable night's sleep. I no longer have the ability to sit in front of the computer late into the witching hours endlessly pecking at variables trying to make a forgettable 2D missile to which no-one will pay any attention explode the way I want. Especially when it's no longer anything new.

If you're curious as to what's going to be in the present incarnation of the mod, please see the website ( It hasn't seen any updates since 2011, but the information is at least accurate.

End rambling. I can't and won't promise I'll ever finish this mod. I can't promise I'll even start working on it again. But I don't want to see it perish. Things have to come out of freezers at some point. I'm not dead yet.

Carry on.


That's just way things go sometimes.
Best of luck with whatever you decide to do next.

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