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Time for Beta 04 of Dibella's Watch. Read more about the latest updates here.

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Beta 04 of Dibella's Watch is smaller than I had hoped. I suffered a computer crash earlier this week, and have mostly had to deal with reinstalling everything. I also had to reinstall the entire game from scratch (Ugh!), which was time-consuming. Of course, I had my work on the mod properly backupped, so I didn't lose much in that department though.

Still, and although computer crashes and so, there's some interesting stuff in Beta 04. I've done a couple of quests, done some landscaping, added farms and other events outside the capital city and also worked on a couple of dungeons for you to explore. Beta 04 is downloadable on ModDB.

I have also worked on a small Beta Presentation Video for the mod. It was fun doing, so expect more videos soon!

Since there aren't any new meshes and textures in this update, I only need to supply you with the updated .esp-file. This means that you still need the Beta 03-files for all the shiny stuff, but you should just use the .esp supplied in the Beta 04 download instead! Happy gaming!

Beta 04 Update History

- Started the "Alcoholics' Guild" Questline with a first Quest.
- Wrote the Quest "The Missing Daughter".
- Added several new locations; Lazeera's Vineyard to the farmlands outside The City for example.
- Did some landscaping. The area around Sundown Peak most notably.
- Removed the Female Viking Dress from the mod, since it was causing nothing but problems.

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