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Patch notes for an earlier than expected update to the Alliance at War mod. I hope all enjoys the mod and the changes. ':^)

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Before I go over the patch notes, I want to remind players that I have an Alliance at War Discord channel. Here is the link:

Alright, so the reason I am rushing the next update is... I got tired of players complaining about issues that I had already fixed for the next update. A player might ask can you change this this, and I would say it is already being changed for the next update. Then another player might say it. I am not mad at any player as not all would know that insert x change is already happening. I just got tired of hearing about it, so I thought, here just take the update. A few edits that players have requested are being implemented in this update.

Anyway, here is the patch notes.

Added Tynna.

More planets have moved closer to the lore accurate locations.

Added Nal Kagga.

Added Mimban.

Added Gyndine.

Added the Nanth'ri Route hyperlane.

Added the Kagga Run hyperlane.

Heart of the Maw GC planet count has been increased by 3. Was 24, is now 27.

Radar icons in GC have been slightly reduced in scale.

Clusters GC planet count has been reduced by 1. Was 51, is now 50.

Rim World Conflict GC planet count has been increased by 1. Was 82, is now 83.

Gateways GC planet count has been reduced by 2. Was 54, is now 52.

The Hutt Cartel secondary faction added to the Equal Footing GC.

Equal Footing GC planet count has been increased by 4. Was 78, is now 82.

Slightly reduced Corruption Line particles in GC's.

Origin of Corruption GC planet count has been increase by 72. Was 37, is now 109.

Empire at War GC planet count has been increased by 4. Was 105, is now 109.

The Hutt Cartel secondary faction has been added to the Empire at War GC.

Bowcaster damage against structures (excluding wall and turrets) has been reduced by 50%.

Fixed an issue where Bothawui could be destroyed by the Death Star.

Byss has be changed to a gas giant, its historical info updated, its land map has been removed,
and its max space base has been reduced by 3 level. Was max level 5 is now max level 2.

Fixed an into text issue for the GC Shipyards of Kuat for the Rebel Alliance.

Added Reeks as an indigenous unit on Ylesia and a buildable unit for the Zann Consortium.

Replaced the AT-ST model with a better more updated model.

The Gladiator-class Star Destroyer has lost its TIE bomber squadrons.

The Eclipse-class Dreadnaught (GC) now garrison TIE punishers.

Fixed an issue that was preventing upgrades from buffing the Gladiator-class Star Destroyer.

Added the Starhawk prototype.

Added the Nadiri Dockyards.

Adjusted Pop Cap... Again.

Nerfed the Improved Targeting upgrade from 30 and 35% for air, infantry, turrets and artillery down to 10%,
for just air and artillery only.

All land units have had their base firing ranges increased.

Leia now has the galactic stealth passive ability.

Gave the U-wing another buff. This time laser cannon damage has increased by 22 points. Was 8, is now 30.
Increased its HP by 75 more points. Was 100, is now 175. Increased shield points, too. Was 100, is now 190.

Buffed VT-49 Decimator. Laser cannon damage has increased by 8 points. Was 8, is now 16.
Shield points was 135, is now 235. HP was 150, is now 200.

Buffed the MC80A (Carrier) shield by 12,000. Was 15,000, is now 27,000.

The Interdictor-class Star Destroyer is classified as a Heavy Cruiser and now does not need capital shipyards to be built.

The Immobilizer 418 cruiser can now be built at tech level 2 and requires a level 3 starbase.

Almost all starfighter squadrons have been either increased and decreased depending on faction and individual ship.

Various ships and starbases have had their garrisons changed.

Added Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette.

Reduced land named major hero units HP by 50%.

Slightly widened lightsaber redirect blaster ability for lightsaber wielding hero units by 10 more degrees.

Re-enabled the locked preventing the AT-AT from walking in water.

Added Freerunner Tank for the Rebel Alliance.

Work on the Kuat map again. Hopefully there is no base structures overlapping now.

Bombing run bombs now deal double the damage per bomb.

Updated Gladiator-class Star Destroyer model.

Added more props to the Boz Pity map.

Nal Hutta's entry CP was reduced from 10 to 5 Pop Cap.

The Skirmish version of the Eclipse-class Dreadnaught can now target Destroyer class ships.

The fire rate of the missile launchers on the Victory I-class, DP20, Nebulon-B and MC80 have been improved.

The Modly Crow--while not getting the Space Hero/starfighter tagline--can better move and fight when in space battles. (edited)

The Acclamator II-class Assault Ship hardpoint configuration has been changed. It will now have 2 torpedo launchers
and 4 turbolaser batteries.

Recuscant-class Destroyer radar icon will appear larger now.

Increased the base damage pershot of the AT-ST concussion missile. Was 12 per shot, is now 14 per shot.

Keldabe-class battleship has been reclassified as a cruiser, it is now close to 600 meters in length,
it no longer requires a capital shipyard to build, it now garrisons a compliment of starfighters,
it has moved to a level 4 starbase in both GC and Skirmish, its in-game text info box has been updated
and has its stats adjusted to that of a powerful cruiser.

The Vengeance-class frigate has been rescaled and is now close to 300 meters.

Somewhat fixed the issue where some civilian units would not attack structures.

The Gladiator-class and Victory I-class can now only be constructed at capital class shipyard worlds,
and both now require a level 4 starbase.

Added Vindicator-class heavy cruiser.

Lowered the Skirmish price of the Strike Cruiser. Was 2375, is now 2290.

The Rebel Alliance can now build ARC-170's in GC on planets with a Black Market.

Buffed the Imperial II-class turret HP on the rear turrets.

Added the Fang-class Starfighter for the Zann Consortium.

Tri-fighters Skirmish cost lowered to 600. Was 680.

Tri-fighter Skirmish build decreased to 9 second. Was 12 seconds.

Tri-fighter GC cost lowered to 170. Was 255.

Tri-fighter GC build decreased to 6 seconds. Was 10 seconds.

Reduced the number of starfighters the Venator II-class will deploy at any one time.

TIE scouts can no longer be built at Skirmish station level 1.

TIE avengers can now be built at Skirmish station level 1.

Increased Asteroid Mining Facility HP. Was 1700, is now 2000 HP.

Worked on the Rattatak land map a bit more.

A number of icons on the dashboard have been edited.

Buffed the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer ion cannon base damage output.

Improved the Endor land skirmish map.

Starfighters with astromech droids now regenerate shields more quickly.

Lowered the base damage of the Arquitens cruiser turbolaser batteries by 2 points. Was 25, is now 23.

Reduced the damage output of T-47 Airspeeders against AT-AT's and doubled the damage output against most infantry units.

Jabiim has had its GC and space map model change to make it more closer to how it appears in Canon.

X-wing and TIE starfighters now have more voice lines. Lines come from Battlefront 2 ('05).

Reset unit spawn time at structures during tactical battles back to normal (vanilla).

Increased starting infrastructure for the Zann Consortium in the Rim World Conflict G.C.

Zann Consortium starbase garrisons have been redon. Level I lost one of its bomber squadrons, but now garrisons a corvette.
Level II and up all garrison more ships.

Lightsaber damage types now deal 50% reduced damage to structures.

The main cannon on the Z.C. starbase level 3 and up now deals double the damage per shot.

Increased the size of the Mon Cala piracy space map. Ships should no longer be able to snipe the objective as quickly.

Tynna now has its own space Skirmish map.

Fixed a textbox issue with the TIE Advanced X1.

Mining Facility upkeep cost has been slightly reduced.

Alliance at War

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