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Hey!, Thanks for Checking out my First Ever Project made in Unity, Till you Last. Slay Zombies Underground Tunnel with the whole Unique Weapons/Arsenal Available, Major Feature and Content Update on January 31, 2023. Featuring Unique Gunplay and Satisfactory 2D Weapon Ballistics. You can early access the soft release Version of the game below.

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You're Tasked as a Covert Immune Cleanup Crew for a fallen Underground Facility/Shelter of the Largest Pharmacy Company that were researching the infection, they have been overrun by the infected during the Apocalypse and then Sealed to prevent further spread on the safe areas.

Slay Zombies Underground Tunnel with the whole Unique Weapons/Arsenal Available,

Featuring Unique Gunplay and Satisfaction on every bullet hit, weapons that can be bought using in-game currency that were gained while slaying Zombies on the Infil Site, Collect Sample for Incentives and prevent the catastrophic future again.

"Kill your time as you Slay the Undead, a Pure Ballistic Zed Slaying Game with no Interruption for Carnage and Ammo, unlock powerful weapons as you progress through the game, and bring the pure firepower of the Human race to the undead.

The game is still in development, but I'm excited to offer a sneak peek for early adopters. As a work-in-progress, you may encounter bugs or incomplete features, but we'll be constantly updating and improving the game as we move towards full release.

Thank you for checking out my first ever project!

Major Feature and Content Update coming January 31, 2023 Keep your Guns Locked and Loaded!

Thanks for trying out my first game please leave a review/feedback it will help for the future improvements of the game!

Also PC version is planned and will be released on Steam Platform, just solidifying the gameplay mechanics, feature and content, and most of all bug smashing.

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