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Face four compact maps in one of several challenges by Josh Mills. Part 1.

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You thought we are done with Josh Mills now? Well, you thought wrong.

Being such a prolific mapper, Josh Mills wasn't content with just releasing his main scenarios that we have already (and hopefully) all ported. Another thing made by his hand is a series of mini-mods called Compact Maps. These are generally what it says on the tin: compilations of several single-map scenarios, generally of small size, with humorous, memorable titles. This one includes: Just Crazy 'Bout Killing, Treasures for Breakfast, Castle Xeen Dungeon (we've already seen that one, but for completeness' sake...) and Too Hard for Bob Dole. I'm distributing them as a single mod with multiple episodes rather than breaking it up into multiple one-map scenarios. Have fun.

Josh Mills.

compact1 1

compact1 2

Compact Maps 1

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