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Tier Tactical 0.1.6 is being released today! We fixed a lot of bugs and added some new features!

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Tier Tactical 0.1.6 Is ready to go! We put a lot of work into fixing the bugs this time around, and giving you a few new features to play around with. First off, Snow is a new type of weather phenomena, weather has a 30% chance of occurring, with a 15% chance for rain, and a 15% chance for snow. Snow doesn't do much at the moment other than setting the mood like rain.


0.1.6 is a large bug fixer update, and the first update trained specifically at fixing bugs. the result is 90% of the known bugs are gone or in the process of being fixed. For example:

When building specific blocks before, it was incredibly hard to get them to line up properly a lot of the time, this was because the box depicting where the block would go was not aligned with the grid like all the blocks are.

The box is now aligned with the grid and properly tells the player where it will be placed.

This was a visual bug which could be very frustrating in building a house/structure. This was fixed by simply aligning the build box with the grid, which results in the block being placed smack dab in the middle of the box.

Another bug that was present for a long time that has been fixed is the stairs update issue. This bug occurred when a player placed two sets of stairs in the level. If the player attempted to use the first placed set of stairs, he would find that it would not move up his layer at all, denying him the ability to build roofing. Only the last placed set of stairs would work. This has been fixed, and all stairs now update correctly. This was due to me forgetting to put in a break statement in the code.

Oh? I forgot to give it a break? Computers need breaks?

Yet another bug that was haunting me for a while was an interesting bug that occurred when a player died with no ammunition for the M1911. After re-spawning, the player would have infinite ammunition for the weapon, allowing the player to discharge it indefinitely. Also the ammo counter would disappear. This has been fixed and replaced with a better method that re-spawns you with full sidearm ammo on death to fend off the immediate zombie threat.

In addition, two bugs were found relating to the Tier 2 weapon set, one of which being the Header which announces the Tier 2 unlock being off-center, and the fact that if the player had any Tier 1 weapon out when pressing the button it would let the player keep the weapon until he switched to the Glock. The game now forces the player to equip the Glock when Tier 2 is unlocked.

Much Better...

The only two bugs we still are working on are collision and the Temko noise bug.

The framework for the Extractor has been laid out, however there are quite a few problems with it and it is disabled in this release.

We did have a new idea for the next release however. We will be giving the player a repair tool that will take up the Unarmed slot (Switchable using the 'X' key for now). This tool will be very useful due to the fact that it will be able to Fortify walls, giving them an armor covering and quadrupling their health to 800. The tool will be able to repair damaged walls faster than they regenerate, and fix damage to vehicles and power generators. In addition, power generators may be given an issue were they go out and need to be jump-started with the repair tool.

That's about all for this update, Till then, Tier Up!

You can Download Tier Tactical 0.1.6 Here!
Tier Tactical 0.1.6 Dev

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