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Tier Tactical 0.1.5 is releasing ahead of schedule!

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Hi there all, I'm back again to release Tier Tactical 0.1.5! This next update feature quite a few bug fixes, the Tier 2 weapon set and some brand new content not available in 0.1.4. Lets get started!


As mentioned before, the complete Tier 2 weapon set has been introduced completely in this update, upon reaching level 8 (the last weapon unlock for Tier 1), the Tier Up Button will appear, giving the player the choice to reset his level to one, and unlock the next weapon set.


Weather is a new system debuting in 0.1.5, however, it only rains at the moment! Rain has a 30% chance to occur, and when it does it can take anywhere from one minute to ten minutes for it to dissipate, rain currently has no effect on zombies, however it will dampen the noise made by your weapons significantly. Combine this with hiding in trees and you can snipe them safely from a distance!

Rain also has a rare chance of "doubling up" This effect occurs when the time for one set of rain is up and the game decides to start a new one as it ends. This extends the rain for a period of time.


Due to the rushed release of 0.1.4, a lot of bugs managed to slip past us, 0.1.5 (while a lot was actually included into it) has turned from a feature update into more of a bug fixer update, here's a couple that managed to crop up.

-The negative 2 million bug.

This bug occurred when a person with an old copy (0.1.3 or older) attempted to start up 0.1.4. It would cause the players exp, level and money counter (inexplicably) to drop to a negative number in the 2 million range. This would also lock weapons and prevent the player from killing zombies aside from using the car.

Fixed by resetting any levels lower or higher than a certain number to 0.

-Power box crash glitch.

This one I actually have an image of it occurring.

The crash was due to a null reference exception, upon removing the power block health, and visibility lines it finally worked correctly. It was also looping through the zombie list for some reason, so that's gone as well.

-Cobra did not spawn.

This was addressed in a hasty bug fix for 0.1.4, for some reason the lines for adding the cobra had been deleted/overwritten with the fire code.

-Abrams sounds/ Temko sounds

The sounds for the Abrams/Temko were acting quite strangely when multiple vehicles of each kind were placed in the world. The Temko would make a horrifying screeching noise if the player was in one and just so happened to have placed another Temko somewhere, and the Abrams would only make sound in the first placed tank.

These were just logic errors and have mostly been fixed, however, if one intersects two of them (as collision still doesn't work), it'll make a funny noise. Trust me. You'll love it.

And that's about all for this update! Feel free to download 0.1.5 below!
Tier Tactical 0.1.5 Dev

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