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At long last Tier 2 doctrines have been released! Head on over to OMGmod to get started!

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At long last Tier 2 doctrines have been released! Head on over to to get started!

- All new companies now start with 4 VPs, this helps new players and people who join later into the war. It also allows for a little initial company customization.
- In game unit health and xp will be displayed when a unit is selected, this will be useful for aiding all player skill caps, but especially less experienced players.
- Minimum platoon population for deployment is now 7, this better fits a lot of our current unit pop value strategy much better than 8 without allowing too many more call in combos.
- VPs are now capped at 50 VPs per company, this will allow for a more even playing field for everyone but also cause players to have to give more thought to what abilities or resource bonuses they actually choose.
- Loading screen messages have been updated with tips. Try to collect them all! (No cheating!)

Note: If you participated in a map test please go into your omg/archives folder in your install directory and delete the beta map, i.e. "6p_beta4.sga" to avoid potential errors.

Bois Jacque (3v3)
- New snow map.

User Posted Image

Purple Heart Lane (4v4)
- Has been upgraded and put back into the mod after a very long absence.

User Posted Image

Fancy town (3v3)
- A lot of changes in both detail and object placement, pretty much a rework.

User Posted Image

Beachhead (4v4)
- Loading screen.
- Preview image.
- More detail.

Amfreville (3v3)
- Loading screen.
- Preview image.
- More detail.
- Lake size reduction.

Tier 1 Doctrines:


- Close and Spray
- Removed from the game.
- Reinforced Structures
- Has replaced Close and Spray.
- Health on Medic Tents, Triage Centers, and Machine Gun nests increased by 50%.
- Got a Light?
- Infantry Mortar Flare now made as part of the unit by default.

- Bulldozer and Mineflail speed reduction now reduce speed at a factor of .75 instead of .5.

Jeep Mechanics
- Renamed to Mechanics.
- Also applies to M3 Half-tracks.


Big Booms
- Airborne now toss 2 Satchel Charges instead of one. Old ability to purchase multiple grenades or satchels removed.
Baseball Toss
- Swapped to T2, replaced by house to house.
- All Airborne throw Grenades, Satchels, and Smoke Grenades 50% farther.
House to House
- Swapped to T1.
- Airborne may now throw grenades and smoke grenades from buildings.


A Valued Cargo
- Opel Blitz trucks now have half-track armor. In addition, the 88 and Flakvierling weapons have 35% more HP.

Radio Disruption
- Units within 7.5 unit radius of Radio Disruption offmap ability gain camouflage temporarily for 5 seconds, but weapons are disabled. Applies only to your own units. 3 purchases.


Mechanized Escorts
- Emplacement trucks now have 50% faster top speed, accel, and decel. Also have 20% more health. In addition, 25 Pounders and Bofors weapons have 35% more HP.

Speaking From the Pulpit
- CCTs command both armor and infantry.
- Timed ability to do it now removed.


Dynamic Cover
All medium armor and Tiger may use smoke screen similar to the Sherman ability.3 uses, same as Sherman cost.

Tier 2 Doctrines:Tier 2 doctrines released. Currently you can buy them without having to purchase any Tier 1 doctrines. This may change in the future however.

Note: For Scotched Earth Sector Disable, this ability is currently not working as intended. Ability will neutralize the sector, but it can still be captured.

Bug fixes:

- Rifleman can technically no longer build Observation Posts.
- No longer able to purchase both a Mine Flail and a Bulldozer on all Sherman variants when using Amour doctrine upgrade.
- "Setting up the Field" (American Infantry T1) now allows Riflemen to build wire and sand bags as intended.
- Mechanized Infantry half-track deployment now works.
- Mechanized Infantry retreat now works.
- Mechanized Infantry aura no longer stack.
- Airborne Machine Gun and Mortar are now properly named in the WarCP.
- Airborne "Support Teams" doctrine unlock now correctly states that the crews are replaced with Airborne as the crew.
- All American "Sherman" type tanks may now deploy Bulldozer blade and Mineflail properly.
- American Hellcat pop in-game is now 10 instead of 6.

- Recon Infantry Sections no longer able to build Mortar Emplacements.
- British Walking Wounded no longer able to build emplacements and trenches.
- Sapper WarCP vet 3 no longer says that they can move at full speed in enemy territory without a Sergeant; this was false.
- Sapper Disposal and Detection Section description now says it provides a Sergeant.
- RCA Mortar pop in-game is now 4 instead of 6.
- Devils Brigade can once again purchase booby traps.

- Fixed "Experienced Sergeants", it now targets sturmpios and saboteurs as well.
- Blitzkrieg Assault Grenades fixed.
- Blitzkrieg Tank Smoke fixed, no longer infinite uses. Number of uses set to 3 as intended.
- Terror Officer initial cool-down removed.
- KCH passive health re-gen now works.
- Volks Panzerfaust ability no longer conflicts with Assault Grenades.
- Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite Smoke Grenade tool tip updated and gives two uses instead of 1.
- Sighted Weapons now works with KCH.
- Tracer Rounds received accuracy de-buff no longer stacks.
- PIATs can now hit Panthertum.
- Fixed a bug where a Tier 1 Defensive doctrine upgrade was giving the Medic Bunker free extra HP.
- Panzer Officer is now 3 pop as intended, before he was 2.
- Vet 1 on Wehrmacht Panther and Panzer 4 listed "skirts now available for purchase" previously. This has now been fixed.

Panzer Elite:
- Ostfront Veterans G43 Slow now works.
- Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite Smoke Grenade tool tip updated and gives two uses instead of 1 likes it's allied counterpart.
- Buying 2 purchases of Mortar HT Flame upgrade now actually gives all 4 uses. Before it still gave 2.
- Gebirgsjaeger may now purchase Panzerfausts on the WarCP.
- T1 Tank Hunters double at grenade throw animation fixed so it is used for both throws.
- T1 Luftwaffe Stuka Terror Dive offmap no longer inflict criticals.
- Panzer Elite Infantry Half-track pop in-game is now 2 instead of 3.

Balance Update:American:
- Jumbo Bulldozer price increased to 45 MU from 35 MU.
- Mine Flail on all Sherman tanks except Jumbo reduced to 30 MU.

- Airborne Sniper pop reduced from 8 to 7.
- Mechanized Infantry now receive their Vehicle Aura from all Allied Armor (excluding Bren Gun Carriers, Universal Carriers, and Jeeps).- Mechanized Infantry aura buff changed to .2 received suppression from .5 received suppression.
- Mechanized Infantry sight range changed to 35 from 30.
- Mechanized Infantry population reduced to 4.
- Decrease price of BARs to 55 MU from 75 MU.
- Increase pop of Pershing to 16 Pop from 15 Pop.
- Decrease pop of Jeeps to 2 Pop from 3 Pop.
- Change resupply of Pershing to 1 every 2 games.
- Decrease price of Easy Eight Tank Commander to 35 MU from 50 MU.
- Decrease price of Greyhound Mine to 40 MU for 1 use. Allow second purchase for additional use.
- Decrease price of T17 White Phosphorous Rounds to 40 MU for 2 uses. Allow second purchase for additional 2 uses.
- Hardcap removed on Pershing.
- Decrease pop of T17 to 7 from 8.
- Decrease pop of M8 to 7 from 8.
- Increase uses of Sherman Smoke to 3 from 2.
- Chaos Marines added to the game. Pop of 8 price of 350 man 100 mun. Can upgrade with a heavy bolter for 75 mun.
- Recon run cost increased to 50MU from 45MU.

- Supercharged RCA upgrades moved to Tier 2 doctrines.
- 17 Pounder health increased to 390 from 300 (same as other AT Guns).
- Reduce price of Infantry Section to 200 MP from 210 MP.
- Increase price of Infantry Section Sergeant to 50 MP from 40 MP.
- Increase price of Recon Section to 220 MP from 210 MP.
- Recon Section sight range reduced to 35 unit range with Marksman Snipe upgrade.
- Increase price of Rifle Grenades to 120 MU from 100 MU.
- Increase cooldown of Rifle Grenades Smoke to 150 seconds from 90 seconds.
- Move Heroic Charge to Vet 0 at 70 MU from Vet 1 at 30 MU.
- Move Retreat to Captain to Vet 0 at 150 MU from Vet 2 at 40 MU.
- Retreat to Captain cooldown increased to 10 minutes from 8 minutes.
- Move Victor Target to Vet 0 on Captain as part of unit.
- Increase Captain to 300 MP 70 MU from 300 MP 60 MU.
- Decrease pop of Universal carrier to 2 Pop from 3 Pop.
- Decrease pop of Priest to 9 Pop from 10 Pop.
- Decrease pop of Kangaroo Carrier to 7 Pop from 8 Pop.
- Trench now receive a 1.3 accuracy modifier to make it comparable to yellow cover; it is still slightly better than yellow cover. Effectively, most other weapons will only be marginally better than they are now.
- Radio disruption offmap increased to 40MU from 30MU to better reflect it's new strength.
- Decrease Priest Supercharge upgrade pop to 1 from 3.

- Panzer Officer can no longer capture territory when in a tank or vehicle (except halftracks of course).
- Stealth detection of Officer removed when in tank or vehicle.
- Removed Blitz Officer offmap.
- Blitz Officer tank bonus reworked to give: +5 LOS in replacement of the +15% accuracy. (Final buff given by him are now; +5 LOS, +20% acceleration and deceleration, +20% turret rotation, 15% reload reduction.
- Remove Defensive Combat Medic invincibility ability.
- Added CCS Healing to Defensive Bunkers when Combat Medics are inside Bunkers (all but pantherturn).
- Decrease price of Volksgrenadiers MP40s to 55 MU from 70 MU.
- Decrease price and pop of Geshutzwagen price to 270 MP 180 F 7 Pop.
- Decrease pop of Stug to 8 Pop from 9 Pop.
- Decrease pop of Bikes to 2 Pop from 3 Pop.
- Decrease pop of Puma to 7 Pop from 8 Pop.
- Change resupply of Tiger to 1 every 3 games.
- Change resupply of King Tiger to 1 every 3 games.
- Increase pop of Mortar Bunker to 4 Pop from 3 Pop.
- Decrease pop of Panthertum to 3 Pop from 4 Pop.
- Increase price of Bunker to 30 MU from 20 MU.
- Decrease pop of Medic Bunker to 1 Pop from 2 Pop.
- Hardcap removed on Tiger.
- Decrease price of Volksgrenadier Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
- Decrease price of KCH Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
- Decrease price of 75mm Half-track to 260 MP 60 F 5 Pop from 260 MP 90 F 6 Pop.
- Goliath now cost 1 pop
- Change slotting of pioneer upgrades to avoid flamethrower/Karbine conflict and promote Karbine use, pioneers can buy more bunkers when not upgraded with weapons than before.
- Walking Stuka Incendiary Barrage damage over time value increased by 50%.
- Tier 1 Blitzkrieg Artillery Observation price reduced to 20 MU per use from 30 MU per use.
- Decrease price of Walking Stuka to 200 MP 225 F from 280 MP 240 F.
- Fog of war offmap increased to 35MU from 30MU.

Panzer Elite:
- Hetzer vet 2 changed, can no longer turn while cloaked, reload reduction 15%->20%.
- Hummel vet 3 changed to 20% less received damage, in line with all other artillery.
- Brumbar flame shell removed; unlocked at in tier 2 doctrines.
- Decrease price of Fallsshirmjaeger to 250 MP from 270 MP.
- Decrease price of FG42s to 140MU from 150 MU.
- Decrease price of G43s to 55MU from 60 MU.
- Increase price of Panzergrenadier G43s+Slow to 80MU from 75 MU.
- Increase price of Ostfront Veterans G43s+Slow to 90 MU from 85 MU.
- Decrease price of Ostfront Veterans to 300 MP 0 MU from 330 MP 40 MU.
- Ostfront may purchase Ostfront Timed Democharges at 40 MU, which has unlimited uses (as currently implemented).
- Decrease price of Marder to 270 MP 180 FU from 300 MP 180 F.
- Decrease pop of Scout Car to 3 Pop from 4 Pop.
- Decrease pop of P4 IST to 10 Pop from 11 Pop..
- Decrease pop of Armored Car to 5 Pop from 6 Pop.
- Decrease price of Panzer 4 IST Skirts to 90 MU from 100 MU.
- Decrease pop of Jagdpanther to 16 Pop from 17 Pop.
- Change resupply of JagdPanther to 1 every 3 games.
- Change resupply of Panther to 1 for every 2 games.
- Decrease price of Luftwaffe Ground Forces to 180 MP from 210 MP.
- Remove Advanced Repairs from Luftwaffe Ground Forces.
- Advanced Repairs upgrade available to Luftwaffe Ground Forces.
- Increase price of Advanced Repairs to 35 MU from 25 MU. (LGF and PGren)
- Decrease price of Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
- Decrease pop of Bergetiger to 5 Pop from 6 Pop.
- Decrease price of Luftwaffe Ground Forces G43s to 55 MU from 60 MU.
- Decrease price of Fallshirmjaeger G43s to 85 MU from 95 MU.
- Increase price of Gebirgsjaeger to 200 MP 100 MU from 150 MP 100 MU.
- Decrease price of Panzergrenadier Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
- Decrease price of Ostfront Veterans Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
- Decrease price of Fallshirmjaeger Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
- Decrease price of Gebirgsjaeger Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
- Decrease price of Ostfront Veterans G43s to 65 MU from 70 MU.

TLDR Notes:
Claim your reward unit here! global veterancy, reward unit, and repair rate rework in the not too distant future!

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Am i missing files?, i start with no HQ.

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omgmodpr Author

Okay, So this mod needs a little more explanation than most. You cannot play without going to the website. You set up a company on the website and set up games against opponents. You call your premade company onto the battlefield. There is no base building.

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