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The countdown to the second release of Tiberium wars Birth can begin.

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Legion Demo 2, most all of the bugs are fixed like these ones>
- The cabal hub now rotates like a normal turet.
- The Catapult can now fire weapons when upgraded.
- The cabal Core now has 2 support weapons.
- Damage for GDI and Scrin increased by 15%
- EASY mode is deleted.
- Legion Power core can be upgraded twice.
- Legion avatar removed.
- Legion commando reload time now 0,7s and a new weapon model/particle.
- Redeemer warmech - Triple laser model/particle, and Rage generator.
- TERRAN unit now fires 4 emp grenades.
- Nod harvester and Refinary now removed.
- Hand of nod removed, All infantry can be building in the legion portal.
- Nod dropzone removed, All tank units can be builded in the Legion dropzone.
- Radar is available when you buy the radar upgrade. ($500)
- New menu ( it shows legion/cabal) (not in the image section)
- soundtrack added to mod. (not in the download section)

- Kanes revenge 1.0/1,5 complete source code.
This version is modified from 2.0. ( not messy or bugged) and everything has his own folder.
and all sub factions are deleted exept for Cabal, slavick and Eva.
the mod xml is included but limited, it will only show one basic line and text how to put files inside the modxml.

Kanes revenge 1.0/1.5 are the most stable compared to 2.0 and it has no new models at all.
Everyone is free to edit it, rip it, critise it. and its made to be easy.

Download available at the end of this week.

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