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Edits to some object geometry, money generators and various small fixes and changes.

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EDIT: Mirror for Beta 5 until the ModDB download works:

It's once again time for another small update. Didnt have much time in the last couple of weeks, so there is not much new stuff, but mostly fixes and improvements.

I plan to tackle the Forgotten next and add some more infantry and maybe finally a Superweapon for them, through I havent decided on one so far. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them here or in the forums.

1.8 Beta 5

Overall Changes
-Slight changes for Scrin, GDI and Forgotten Cranes: The collision for these buildings was to small, they now require more space to be build
-Wall Hubs and Segments destroyed by the Scrin Motherships catalyst cannon chain reaction will relase a smaller shockwave now (similiar to infantry and vehicles)
-Started adding placeholder buttons to units with leadership boni. These buttons can be pressed but have no effect (havent found a way to make them unpressable) and are intended as a way to add a better description to the leadership bonus.

-Removed the selection sound for wall hubs (it is the only one that has any sounds by default and these sounds are already used by some KW additions)
-Foundrys require more space to be build
-Hopefully fixed an issues with the AI building multiple Growth Accelerators on the same spot

-Fixed an issue where the underground bunkers had a different collision than the original buildings
-Tib Spikes now generate 20$ every 2s instead of 10$ every 1s (to reduce the visual noise of floating numbers) and their cost has been increased to 1500$ (from 1200$).
-Cranes require more space to be build

-Changed the geometry settings for the Drone Factory - it should now take up less space
-Changed the units selection in the Replication Center to match the Nano Assembler (the Oppressor Buggy is cut for now)
-Can not use a Crane to build more Cranes anymore. Also renamed Crane to Forge
-Hallucinary Gas wont affect allied units anymore (applies to both the weapon upgrade and the Cluster Missile)
-Chimeras accelerate and turn slightly faster
-New models for the Research Nexus & Replication Center
-Removed the Nod logo from some of CABALs buildings (thanks to BoneZone!)
-Leviathans now drop from the sky when build (similiar to Basilisks) instead of rising out of the small Drone Factory

-Changed the collision geometry settings for the Air Tower and Air Support Tower (the KW one) - both should now need less space in your base (especially the Air Support Tower)
-Fixed a glitch in the Tunnel Network buildup anim
-Added a new late game building to generate money. Its works similiar to a Forgotten Tib Spike and is mostly intended as a placeholder - hopefully, I can replace it with something a bit more unique sooner or later.
-Rotated the Voice of Kane statue by 90d

-Resized the Combat Support Airfield (the KW one) to about 80% of its previous size. Until now, it had basicly the same size as the regular GDI Airfield which meant it was way bigger than its Nod counterpart. After the resize, its significantly smaller than the GDI Airfield and slightly bigger than the Nod Air Support Tower.
-Nerved the Dropzone. It now costs 1600 instead of 1500 and gives 800$ with each drop instead of 1000$. Its still one of the best money generators, but it shouldn't be as overpowerd as before.
-Cranes require more space to be build


If the next update will be a big one, I have some ideas for it:
-For the Forgotten Superweapon, how about a unique mobile artillery weapon? a big cannon mounted on a truck that basically can shoot every 5 or so minutes
-Hope Cabal will get his other buildings redone, the powerplants already fit nice with aesthetic :P
-The Steel Talon units should be available in the Mastodon Assembly Factory, would make sense
-The Scrin Mastermind is too weak in terms of defending itself, if you can bring back the Disintegrator beam from the campaign or replace the mastermind with the KW Prodigy, it would be amazing(no mod has added it back from what I remember)
-The CNC4 Centurion should be re-added as the "MBT" of CABAL, since it fits well
-The Leviathan should go back to Nod as an AA-Semi-Ground Spaceship
As for the CNC4 Gideon Crawler and cnc4 mammoth tank going to the forgotten, you already know
In rest, perfect mod! I voted for it, too bad it did not make it into the top 100 :(

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thanks for the release before the holidays!

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