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Another round of fixed for some leftover issues. In short: Buffed most stealth detector units, fixed a bug the resulted in some weapons not doing full damage, nerved Valkyries and added a different Power Plant model for CABAL.

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Well, time has come for more bugfixes and balance changes. But aside from these, there are two particular changes that I like some feedback on:

Mastodon movement:

I changed the locomotion settings for the Mastodon - they arnt the final values, but I would like to know if that improved the unit behaviour or made it worse.

CABAL Power Plant

Some player seem unhappy that CABAL shares Nod buildings and suggested using some RA3 ones. As such, I edited the Empire power plant from RA3 and gave it CABAL. If people like that, I might convert more that I find fitting, but I like to know if people prefer RA3 buildings or Nod buildings for CABAL (and no, modeling new buildngs myself is not an option).

TWA 1.8 Beta 4

Overall Changes
-Updated some tooltips/unit descriptions
-Fixed some glitches
-(Hopefully) fixed a bug that resulted in some burst weapons not doing full damage
-Overhauled stealth detectors a bit as their ranges varied alot. To much to list, but in short: Most ground detector units have their range increased (or already had the right range) while the range on air detector units (Venom, Adder) is slightly shorter now to match the ground units. Anti air detectors like the Mantis, Shredder and Slingshot also mention in their tooltip now that they only detect aircraft. CABALs Reconnoiter Drone vision and detection radius has been nerved as it felt a bit too pwerfull.

TD;DR: Made the detection range the same for all major detector units.

-Changed unit order in the Warp Sphere and Warp Chasm to be the same for both

-Fixed a bug that prevented Firehawks from using their missiles after Bunker Busters have been researched
-The Airfield now has models for the Bunker Buster and Ceramic Armor upgrades
-Switched the Locomoter settings for the Mastodon to make it a bit more responsive. That change might not be final, some feedback on this would be nice.
-Kodiaks can now properly fire while moving

-Valkyries had a bit of a balance problem with their armor: They are an airborne unit, but missiles hardly did any damage - which was a problem for factions that used missiles as anti-air. As such, Valkyries now have an unique armor setting that takes more from missiles. Their armor upgrade has also been weakend a bit.
-CABAL got a unique model for his power plant taken from RA3. That change might not be final, some feedback on this would be nice.


I Agree with using Edited RA3 Japanese buildings for Cabal, as I always wanted at least to get rid of the Nod Logos from specific buildings(and replace the hand of nod because yeah)
Also, As i said in that forum post, Cabal Really needs a new MCV, and an edited version of Gideon's one is perfect, and for the Forgotten we need new defense textures, maybe either from the Forgotten mod or the Ra3 Soviet defenses could fit quite well

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Interesting. You could change another buildings ,such refinery barracks and war factory. Redeemer could be replaced to a new unit or a few changes in his model. Remove the remaining Nod EVA in the CABAL faction.

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I read that the Nod Powerplant in TW was originally going to be the CABAL powerplant when Westwood was still in charge of making their version of C&C3;. I think the egg shaped powerplant fit's CABAL better than Nod. So if any powerplant needs replacement it's Nods. The 3 towers do fit CABAL too, however. I wouldn't use them as a powerplant tho, but as replacement for the Hand of Nod with a name like cyborg factory or cyborg production facility. It would need a tweak, such as a door...

Personally, I dislike a lot of the changes EA did. I liked Tiberian Sun a lot and TW often feels like a middle finger at it. TW is a retcon to TS, not a sequel. It's a sequel to TD that delibaretely ignores TS, safe for the one page summary of the main storyline. As such, I don't like GDI having mammoth tanks and believe they should go to the Forgotten, and GDI should use 4 legged mammoth walkers instead. MK2 in TS was a prototype, and that's why we could only have one at a time. I don't agree with EA that red zones should be barren wastelands. Sure, the big tiberium glaciers are cool, but they pose no environmental challenge and aren't nearly cool enough to replace mutated flora and fauna and random ion storms.

That's my personal rant, however, and I don't think it's representative of the majority of players.

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Agreed, vanilla TW (and even KW) will always felt like C&C1;.5 than a true TS sequal in almost everyting it has except maybe for the gameplay.

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I wish westwood come back someday. I don't know if is possible,but will be nice if they returned and reaquire command & conquer rights.

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ApornasPlanet Online

How about give the Nod powerplant to CABAL as seen in an old art piece for the faction? Then Nod could have the powerplant from Tiberian Sun. There is a free model from Madin to use.

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This! Yes!

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