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And another couple of fixes for various problems. Hopefully, this solves the issues leftover from Beta 1 & 2.

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Hopefully, this upate fixes most of the leftover issues from Beta 1 & 2.

But where do we go from here? As you might know, this mod was mostly made by me and a small group of good friends. As such, there is a limit on what we can do - unless some bored 3d artist makes new buildings for CABAL and the Forgotten in the CnC3 style, they will keep the placeholder models they have now, as much as that might disappoint some of you out there.

Instead, the current goal is to finish the gameplay for CABAL and Forgotten by filling out their unit rosters and adding more special powers. However, I am still looking for ideas, so if you have some, feel free to post them on the forums. There are also some polls (might add more later) as I am want to hear some feedback to certain elements of 1.8.

Anyway, here is the change log for 1.8 Beta 3:

Overall Changes
-Updated some sounds
-Updated some tooltips/unit descriptions
-Infantry affected by Rage Generator, Confessor grenades and similiar effects will now have a decal under them to make it more visible

-Removed the "Combat Experience" upgrade from the Shard Walker - its supposted to be for early game units only
-Shard Walker can not detect stealthed units anymore
-Fixed the relaod time for "Surgical Strike" (now it is 300s instead of 30s)

-The leadership bonus from Outposts and Voice of Kane statues now activates once the build up/unpacking animation has finished, not the instant the building is placed
-Fixed Tiberium Vein Detonation reload time to be the same as in KW (7 minutes) and reduced the damage it deals. Also reveals shroud around the target.
-Hopefully fixed an issue with the Demo Truck destroying itself when taking damage. It should only explode when ordered to attack or when destroyed.
-Added a model for the Avatars SAM launcher

-Fixed an oversight that allowed multiple Manslayer Commandos to be build
-Gorgons will not generate money when affected by a stasis shield
-Moved the Rocket Pods uprade from the Communication Hub to the Drone Factory
-Technican are not supposted to be immun to Tiberium anymore (they got the jumpjets to cross it)
-Elminator and Reaver cyborgs were missing from a lot of internal lists, they should be immun to Tiberium and hallucinogenic attacks now
-Reduced vision range for the Python, it revealed way to much of then map during its flight to the target

-Fixed a targeting issue for the Harrier, it should be able to properly attack ground targets again
-The Forgotten Construction Yard now uses the model of the RA3 soviet conyard, the model for the MWF has been changed to a the RA3 allied conyard
-Removed the Scrapbus from the Mobile Warfactory (for now) and changed the unit order to match the Weapons Factory
-The MWF now requires a Radar Station before it can be build

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