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A couple of bugfixes and improvements for the bug ridden version from last week.

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Nothing new here, mostly detail changes and fixes for the most blatant oversightes from last weeks version.

That said, while I hope the next update will have some new toys to play around with, there is still a lot of stuff that needs work.

If you have any ideas or suggestions (or just cool screenshots), feel free to post them on the forums or send me a message.

-updated credits.ini
-updated some sound effects
-updated some tooltips/unit descriptions
-GDI Firehawks and Forgotten Harrier are now immun to their owns splash damage (ie your own firehawks will not take splash damage from other firehawks owned by you. Your Orcas and Firehawks from other players still do!)

-Gravity Stabilizer:
*Removed the Slitter, it is supposted to be a special power only unit
*Added icons for the Avalanche Transport and Mothership Core
-Changed Mechapede to be more of a assault units (as the tooltip suggests):
*Now requires a Technology Assembler
*Can not be crushed by certain 3 vehicles like the Mammoth Tank anymore (Epics can still crush them)
*Changed armor class from light vehicle to tank
*Changed default hitpoints from 5000 to 6500, additional segments will give +1500 hitpoints (instead of +1000)
*Hopefully improved the targeting for the default head weapon

-Removed the Advanced Powerplant from the Crane
-Removed the screenshake effect from the Defender footsteps and changed his audio to a cyborg sound
-Changed HitFX for the Energized Plating upgrade
-Disabled the "Test" AI personality
-Enabled the AI to use the following special powers:
*Python Raid
*Risen Monolith
*Subterranean Strike
-The AI can make use of the Manslayer's special abilities

-Flame Tank's flame wall should now be unable to damage your own flame tanks (to reduce friendly fire when using the ability)
-Removed Purifying Flames upgrade from Shredder Turrets (it didnt affect its damage anyway)

-Fixed some grafical glitches with Zone Trooper/Raider and Riflemen
-Rotated the model for the Dropzone by 90d
-Fixed the bug that lead to some firehawk missiles doing no damage

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