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In this update we announce key changes to Scrin, including the addition of KW features.

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We announce the release of an enhanced Scrin in this update

Updating Scrin


with this update we signify the end of any main content changes to the mod. As said,we will do updates periodically on an as needed basis.

Never the less, here is a new way to play Scrin. At the heart of this update is the upkeep system. This system charges you money based on how long the unit is alive vs. just a straight up cost.

The power plant and the refinery have also been combine into a singular structure.


  • All Scrin units except Corrupter are now free to build but cost upkeep while alive equal to their original cost every 2 minutes
    • (Units that fail to pay upkeep take damage over time and can die from it)
  • All Scrin units except Tripod and Planetary Assault Carrier moved down one tier in tech level
    • (Units moved to T0 are buildable from Drone Platform as well as production structures)
  • Scrin Creep Node structure added (functions as power plant and refinery)
  • Scrin Reactor removed
  • Scrin Extractor removed
  • Scrin Harvester replaced with Corrupter
    • Scrin Corrupter renamed Corrupter Harvester and can now harvest Tiberium
  • Scrin Ravager added
  • Scrin Gun Walker replaced with Shard Walker
  • Scrin Tripod replaced with Reaper Tripod
  • Scrin Cultist added
  • Scrin Mothership now buildable from Gravity Stabilizer (requires Signal Transmitter) instead of being called in by special power
  • Scrin Conversion Reserved upgrade added
  • Scrin Advanced Articulators upgrade added
  • Scrin Traveler Engines upgrade added
  • Scrin Attenuated Forcefield upgrade added
  • Scrin Shard Launchers upgrade added
  • Scrin Blue Shards upgrade added
  • Scrin Infestation special power added
  • Scrin Overlord's Wrath special power added
  • Scrin Corrupter Harvester now benefits from Attenuated Forcefields upgrade

  • Fixed missing GDI AA Gun meshes that were causing crashes for some people playing on low LOD
  • Fixed Behemoth disappearing when damaged
  • Fixed Orca Bomber now flying off map after attacking


  • Fixed prerequisite issue with Buzzer Hive
  • Devastator moved from T2 to T3
  • Blue Tiberium no longer deals massive damage to vehicles
  • ASI Conductor now requires Power Plant
  • ASI Conductor health increased from 3000 to 5000
  • ASI Conductor deployed health increased from 5000 to 8000
  • ASI Auto Designer and Synthesizer now ignore select all command
  • ASI Conductor portrait added


  • ASI salvage crate code reworked; crates should now disappear when collected instead of applying maximum upgrade level to one or more units
  • ASI Hunter rate of fire slowed by 25%
  • ASI Hunter health decreased from 3400 to 3100
  • Nod unit power generation increased from 1 to 2
  • Scrin Ravager and Cultist now heal in Tiberium properly
  • Scrin Buzzer hives and associated Buzzers no longer take spontaneous damage
  • Scrin AI should now build enough Growth Accelerators for power generation
  • Scrin Growth Accelerators now produce a 10 power
  • Miscellaneous Scrin unit tooltip fixes (mostly concerning KW upgrades)


  • GDI Construction Yard no longer reveals entire map
  • Nod and Scrin Wall Hubs can now build wall segments
  • New model added for ASI salvage crate (thanks Nord_Licht)

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