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WE announce a release of some key changes to GDI in this update

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We announce the release of an enhanced GDI in this update

Updating GDI

Greetings community for this update we have updated GDI. Next update is going to be updating Scrin, and that will likely be the last main update. This will signify the end of Tiberium secrets.

We will still support what we have done, and will make bug fixes and the like, but the next update will be the last main content update.

Without further ado, here is our changes for GDI:


  • Reclamator Rig added: This deployable unit takes the place of the Refinery and Harvester for human players.
    • When deployed, the Reclamator Rig automatically breaks down and processes nearby Tiberium.
    • When deployed, the Reclmator Rig has two cannons that it can use to defend itself.
    • The Reclamator Rig also comes with the Pioneer Mode ability, which causes it to deploy permanently and gives a build radius.
  • GDI Power Plants now automatically upgrade and increase power production over time.
  • GDI sonic weapons are now extremely effective against Tiberium crystals.
  • Kane's Wrath units added:
    • Zone Raider
    • Zone Shatterer
    • Slingshot (available at T1)
    • Titan
    • Behemoth
    • Wolverine (built at Barracks, requires Armory)
    • Combat Engineer
    • Mobile Repair APC
    • Hammerhead
    • Zone Orca
  • Kane's Wrath upgrades added:
    • Ceramic Armor
    • Hard Points
    • Tungsten Shells
    • AP Ammo
    • EMP Grenades
  • Kane's Wrath powers added:
    • Supersonic Air Attack
    • Orbital Strike
  • Combat Engineer health increased and weapon damage and rate of fire increased.
  • Mobile Repair APC renamed Lockdown APC and EMP Grenade weapon added with EMP Grenades upgrade.
  • Slingshot can now target ground units and structures, but with reduced damage and range.
  • Nod Tunnel Entrance structure added. Units can be loaded into one Tunnel Entrance and exit at any other Tunnel Entrance owned by the player.
  • Radar and minimap now activated at T2 tech structure instead of Construction Yard.
  • Conductor unit added for ASI (for real this time!)

TiberiumSecrets 1.6.0

GeneralJist signing out.

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