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Tiberium Refined 0.3 is now available, added new Scrin construction mechanics and more!!

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Hello commanders! As promised, version 0.3 is now available! First, let's check the changelog:

---Bug fixes and minor improvements---

Slightly enhanced missile tracking on GDI and Nod missile squads in order to solve the low efficiency when dealing moving airborne targets. Please let me know if this problem persists.

GDI infantry squads can now upgrade Medics again once they are lost. Also added decal to show the healing radius.

Experimental: Added coherent voicelines for some Scrin units. The rest may be added as well based on reception.

Experimental: Added alternate voicelines (gruffier sounding) for GDI Riflemen when they are being mind-controlled by the Scrin Mastermind. I might do the same for other human units if received well.

Implemented better firing and ground impact particle effects for multiple weapons, in particular the cannon and missile weapons used by human units.

Pressing Q to select all units across the map will no longer select MCVs or expansion vehicles. Need feedback on whether this change makes microing easier or harder.

---Scrin changes---

The Reconstruction Drones support power can also activate nearby Scrin structures. This serves as a handy backup when you've placed your structure too far away from the Drone Platform for it to be activated and don't have time to relocate the Drone Ship.

Units under the influence of the Phase Field now also gain 10% speed bonus.

The Plasma Disc Launcher Upgrade has been renamed to Enhanced Plasma Disc, is no longer available for Shock Troopers, and has been given to Seekers, Devastators, and the Photon Cannon defensive structure instead. it now grants a small range boost and allows the weapon to deal continuous scorch damage. Cost increased to 2500.

Decreased build time of all Scrin structures and Superweapon, but need to be activated by drones from the Drone Platform before they can function. The Drone Platform provides 5 drones, while Scrin production structures and Outposts provide 2 drones each. These drones can also repair vehicles and aircraft within a small radius.

Photon Cannons can now target air and benefits from the Enhanced Plasma Disc upgrade. Build cost increased to 1400, power consumption increased to 9.

Plasma Missile Battery renamed to Storm Control Tower. It now generates Ion Storms and has a chance to deflect incoming missiles fired by human units. Ion Storms now also have a chance to insta-kill any human air units. Build cost increased to 1100, power consumption increased to 9.

Storm Column renamed to Thunderbolt Column. No longer generates Ion Storms, but its weapon will spawn a lightning orb at the target location, which unleash several lightning bolts to damage any nearby enemy. Build cost decreased to 2500, power consumption decreased to 11.

Added EVA and Radar prompts for the Stasis Chamber upgrade so players can know when to upgrade their Buzzers.

Scrin Reactors can now directly target Tiberium mineral to absorb power (without having to select it from the menu first). Cost increased to 700.

Shock Troopers can now target air by default, weapon damage increased (on par with the post-upgrade version in vanilla). Removed Plasma Disc upgrade. Substantially increased suppressive power. Cost increased to 1000. Firing animations and particle effects have also been adjusted accordingly.

The Mastermind can now gain experience from its mind control ability. You can also switch between automatic and manual mind control. Increased stealth detection radius. Added the ability to deflect light machinegun fire.

Dropships and Explorers Provides building radius for regular structures (but not defensive structures) even when in mobile form.

Explorers (base expansion vehicle) now ignores terrain obstacles when moving. Cost increased to 1800, build time increased to 20 seconds.

Added Mechapede. Slightly faster than the Kane's Wrath version, but only has 6 segments. Can replenish lost segments and switch between anti-vehilce, anti-infantry and anti-air weapons via upgrades.

Corrupters no longer spawn Visceroids when killing Scrin infantry units and Mutant Marauders. Same applies to the Mechapede toxin weapon.

Stormriders now have an self-defense system that activates when they sustain damage, which will increase its defense and briefly provides self-repair. The self-defense system has limited charges which needs to be replenished at the Gravity Stabilizer.

Scrin hover vehicles (Seekers, Devourer Tanks and Harvesters) now have animated hovering effects.

Implemented better particle effects for the Seeker's weapon, and now deals splash damage. Seekers also benefit from the Enhanced Plasma Disc upgrade.

Devastator Warships now benefit from the Enhanced Plasma Disc upgrade. Starting weapon damage slightly decreased.

Gun Walkers now have a longer range when targeting air units.

---GDI Changes---

Increased Power Plant build time to 10 seconds.

Increased Battle Base's HP to 6000. Drones spawned by Battle Bases can now repair both ground and air vehicles.

Added a Railgun upgrade for Juggernauts. Unlocks after researching the existing Railgun upgrade.

Increased Rig's HP to 2000. Cost decreased to 1600.

---Nod changes---

Structures and Units that survived a Tiberium Vapor Bomb explosion will now be covered in green as a visual indicator.

Increased Power Plant build time to 8 seconds.

Avatars can now directly target an allied vehicle to commandeer its weapons (without having to select from the menu).

That's all for now, download and enjoy, and have a Happy New Year!

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