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In this update we have Tiberium Gas, Chemical Missile to show off the first look at our new buildup animations starting with the Nod MCV deploying into Construction Yard. Also a recap of the 22nd Tiberian Sun Anniversary event for those who missed it and all the juicy intel and coverage!

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It's MOTY, Spread the Love! Vote your favourite Mods!
It's Mod of the Year time of year, vote for your favourite mods you know the drill. Their tons of amazing mods both unreleased and released on ModDB each compete in their own category. May the best mods win! Go vote your favourite mods for phase 1! If that's us, we appreciate your support. Now for the updates!

Tiberian Sun RIsing Logo

For those who missed our TSR Gameplay Showcase on 23rd August for the 22nd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun, you can watch the whole thing on our playlist TibSun 22nd Anniversary TSR Event Playlist on our TS RIsing YouTube Channel:Or you can pick the videos that interest you from the event below individually if you scroll down this post enjoy!

Upclose and Personal

Tiberium Chemical Missile Detected and Buildup Animations

"The first missle landed here, it started some sort of chain reaction reformating the earth at the atomic level into pure toxic tiberium. Nobody has seen anything like it, it is Armageddon. "General Soloman"

It's as we feared Nod has deployed their new Tiberium Chemical Missiles and they are extremely dangerous. Once deployed they release quite a large dose of Tiberium Gas to the area. Its highly concentrated it will ether kill organic creatures in moments or what we've seen far more commonly extreme mutations very quickly. It looks like Nod has a tool to spread their divination quickly and efficiently with these.

Fortunately, they require a specialised facility and Nod needs to harvest Tiberium Veins with a special Harvester unit we've called the Weed Eater. If you can deny Nod the Veins then no Tiberium Chemical Missile can be constructed. You might try Disruptors or ORCA Bombers to attempt to kill the Veinhole Monster entirely although this is no easy task Commander when provoked the creatures to release more Tiberium Gas and have large tentacles that are quite dangerous.

In other news we finally witnessed a Nod Construction Yard being deployed in the field, it is as was previously reported Nod is indeed using Subterranean MCV's to setup bases making it difficult for us track Nods movements in establishing new bases.

Nod Construction Yard Buildup

We've also been observing Cyborg Reapers web up infantry with some kind of webbing, the Cyborg Reaper couldn't get more terrifying it sends a chill down my spine knowing we could encounter that in the field. It also seems the battlefields have gotten a bit rescaled EVA must be optimising things with the battlefield link.

Webbed for Reaping Scale of Battle

Recap - 22nd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun TS Rising Showcase

For those of you that missed our live event on the 23rd of August (or if you were there and want to relive it), I wanted to make sure you caught up on all the juicy gameplay footage, reveals, new content and intel gathered. Here you are Commander:

You can watch the entire event at our TibSun 22nd Anniversary TSR Event Playlist on our TS RIsing YouTube Channel:Or you can pick the videos that interest you from the event below individually:

Intro and Q&A with Assassin

Action Gameplay Sequence

Nod Cyborg Commando

GDI Dropship Bay

Q&A with TS Rising Development Team

Multiplayer Maps

AutoGates and Firestorm Defense

Music: Searching Dunes

Music - Toxic Atmosphere

Music Mines and Mortars

Tiberium Ecosystem

The Q&A's with me and then the development team were originally held on Twitch to experience them with all their chats intact check out my Twitch channel. Or you can watch the entire show all as one long awesome experience at the TSR's TS 22nd Anniversary Playlist.

Twitch Highlights version of Q&A with Assassin

Twitch Highlights version of TSR Development Team Q&A

Mod of the Year 2021 and Stage of Development

Lastly, it is Mod of the Year 2021, we had hoped to get a release out this year some of the barriers we knew we had to conquer as part of our optimisation efforts took longer than we had hoped. That said we have made great progress this year and I think it won't be too much longer before we'll be showing and comparing some of the optimised work vs the unoptimised one so you can see what all the fuss is about!

That said if you liked our showcase this year at the 22nd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun, and you've liked what we've shown, developed and progress shown this year. Then we'd appreciate the support. Note we have won Unreleased MOTY so you won't be knocking fresher unreleased projects out of the running. If we get enough votes we can still get an honourable mention which is always nice so if you think we've earned it vote in round 1.

On the other hand, if you feel there are mods you think need the votes more than us then by all means we encourage you to vote for the best mods, your favourite mods. If we're one of them great, but we also understand we've been around for a while so if you have a new favourite vote for them, you can always come back to us in the future which we hope you'll support us shooting for the released MOTY next time.


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Now that MCV animation looks familiar aren't it MrTimm ;p

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Looks familiar indeed, in its grey box it looked good, but with the particles it is even better!

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AssassinCS Author

Yes, @MrTimm has been doing great work on the buildup anims :) they've been coming together beautifully. Keep up the great work MrTimm!

Reply Good karma+2 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nice! However shouldn't the net look more like the net in the Alien vs Predator movie from 2004 than a spiders net? I mean it's military hardware and nod some organic net, right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
AssassinCS Author

Thats some good feedback Aporna's we'll look at updating the webbing style. (that is not the final effect).

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