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A patch has been released, adding more ways of customising games and of course World Builder.

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Upgrade to Patch 1.02 for Command & Conquer 4 right now. This patch addresses various network/disconnect issues, adds auto-save to Campaign/Skirmish if a network disconnect occurs, support for Worldbuilder, and most importantly, skirmish/custom match tunable options such as lethality, time, victory points, and more. A wealth of gameplay tuning fixes have also been addressed. To patch, simply launch Command & Conquer 4, and the update should take place automatically over a short time in your launcher window. The full change-list is posted down below.Command & Conquer Headquarters is also proud to release the official Worldbuilder map-making tool for C&C 4. You can now create as many 5v5 multiplayer or custom maps to your hearts content and share them with the Command & Conquer community via our message boards and our wide array of fan-sites. This Worldbuilder tool released is the same exact in-house tool our developers use to create single-player and multiplayer maps. It can be used for basic map-making, and the most advanced extraordinary designs. If this is your first time using Worldbuilder for any of our games, please be sure to read some of the introductory documentation included with the download. You'll need it, Commander! Get mappin!Patch 1.02 Change-List

  • Campaign/Skirmish progress is automatically saved if a network disconnect occurs
  • Various bug fixes in relation to crash/disconnect issues
  • Skirmish / Custom Match Tunable Options:
    • Lethality
    • Time
    • Victory Points
    • Goal Point Multiplier
    • Unit Kill Multiplier
    • On/Off Map Reveal
    • On/Off Random Crates
  • Worldbuilder framework added to game (Map Transfer, in-game support, etc.)
  • Numerous gameplay fixes related to shell UI and in-game

Update: Patch 1.03 has been released, adding three maps to the game, with full multiplayer and ai skirmish support.

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