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Its that time of the year again Christmas is coming and MOTY 2017 is here! We have a special week of updates in store for you so stay tuned for some revelations on what we've been working very hard on behind the scenes this year. Enjoy!

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Since our return earlier this year we've been hunkered down working very hard on Tiberian Sun Rising and we've made excellent progress this year. We apologise for not keeping you up to date as it transpired we will aim to do better to keep you all up to date with the latest developments in Tiberian Sun Rising. Over the course of the week, we'll be sharing with you a number of updates revealing what we've been working on behind the scenes all this time. We hope you'll support us at MOTY 2017 but regardless how that turns out for us this year in the spirit of the season we'll be bringing you all up to speed. We've got some exciting things to show you and I can't wait to see your thoughts, feedback and reactions as the news unfolds.

In the spirit of Mod of the Year 2017 we hope you will grace us with a vote supporting our continued development of Tiberian Sun Rising we'd be very grateful for your support. We worked extremely hard to get the project back on track this year and I feel we've achieved some great results and hit some important milestones. We have done our utmost to try to get a beta release ready for this years MOTY and while we didn't quite make it I can say we are getting close to a beta! I am currently looking for some additional 3D Artists and an Animator to assist us on our pathway forward if you think you can help please send me your portfolio your assistance could greatly speed things along. One Vision, One Purpose!

Mod of the Year Awards

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--------------------------------BEGIN TRANSMISSION---------------------

Nod Laser Wall Emitters

With the assistance of CABAL we have developed a new IFF (Identify Friend Foe) system for the Nod Laser Wall Emitters making them more versatile than ever. In the past, Commanders would have to power off Laser Wall sections to let troops through but now this is no longer required. The Laser Walls respond to a IFF key system all friendly Brotherhood forces carry a code on them allowing safe passage through the laser walls. The voltage is lowered and forces can pass through taking no damage which makes Harvester travel through the perimeter easy and safe. However, if hostile forces like the GDI or a Nod Splinter group tries to pass through the beams they will suffer the full high voltage of the beams burning infantry to death in seconds and damaging any vehicles passing through including cyborgs. While this negates the need for an auto gate we still recommend placing auto gates and concrete walls around critical areas in the event of power failure or EMP blast.

Nod Laser Fence EmittersHold the Line

Tiberium Veins & GDI Jumpjet Troopers

Tiberium Veins continue to spread and create hazards in more areas, with our light vehicles like the Assault Bike and Attack Buggy these are easily traversed but be warned with any medium to heavier vehicles. Veins have been known to react savagely when a certain amount of weight is exerted on them. These can be used strategically if you can lure GDI forces through a vein field their heavier units will be ripped to shreds. Although we have noticed their Hover MRLS can pass over a vein field unscathed so be prepared for that kind of firepower while fighting within a vein field.

Jumpjet Troopers & Tiberium Veins

Scouts have also reported a new class of infantry it seems earlier intelligence about a flying man wasn't bogus after all. GDI has developed a jetpack small enough to put on front line infantry. This gives them a tactical advantage being able to switch between land and air they are also equipped with a sensor suite capable of detecting stealth units. GDI is sending them out as scouts to find stealthed Nod bases ahead of time and mark their locations shoot them down on sight they are a nuisance to the Technology of Peace.

Nod Hanger

It is no secret that GDI has air superiority since they continued to develop their VTOL craft from the First War and perfected its use in the battlefield now has a versatile range of ORCA aircraft. Combined with GDI's space station the Philadelphia and their satellite network GDI has an overwatching eye in the sky. We needed an answer to this unacceptable situation, through a combination of knowledge from the Tacitus and human ingenuity we arrived at the answer to our prayers the Banshee Prototype.

Nod Hanger - Banshee Prototype FacilityNod Hanger

Even after the Prototype was developed in secret underground we needed a way for Nod Commanders to deploy it to the field without it being targeted and destroyed by GDIs Ion Cannon or Air Patrols. The Nod Hanger an underground structure that uses natural terrain as camouflage keeps the structure hidden from GDI's watchful satellites. However, as the structure does give off heat and energy readings any GDI unit equipped with sensors will be able to detect the Hangers presence. The Nod Hander is responsible for the construction of the Banshee Prototype in the field as well as the more common Harpy. But only the Banshee Fighter needs land at the Hanger to refuel and rearm the Harpy is very independent on the battlefield able to hover about.

GDI ORCA Transport

We have observed a change in strategy from GDI normally these ORCA Transports are used to evacuate civilians from an area being overcome by Tiberium life. Or they will use them to deploy troops behind enemy lines quickly and quietly. They have always been easy targets for Anti Air weapons but we have observed a slight change in the Aircraft. GDI has modified their existing ORCA Transports to allow for troops carried inside to fire outward onto enemy troops. Heres a reconnaissance shot taken from a Nod base that was being attacked by GDI Troops that were being evacuated from the area in ORCA Transports.

ORCA Transport Assault

Notice that both the Rifle Infantry and Disc Throwers can both fire their weaponry on to hostiles. Note the change in strategy Commander but as usual Rocket Troopers and Stealth Tanks are still the best weapons to take these craft down. Stay vigilant Commanders, we will continue to fight for the Technology of Peace with One Vision, One Purpose!

--------------------------------END TRANSMISSION--------------------------------

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Totally awesome that you keep on going! Hyped for the beta.

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AssassinCS Author

Thanks! Yep we are dead set on delivering the ultimate Tiberian Sun experience :)

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Nice, you can gather up people by creating Discord channel, where peeps can communicate with each other and with devs.
This is the best thing to have :)

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AssassinCS Author

Thanks for the suggestion D.Va, I am in the process of getting one set up for TS Rising I'll let you all know when its ready to go.

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Looking forward to beta next year!

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