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How it's going commander, ready for the 22 news article ?

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How it's going commander ?

As you can see we are working hard to bring more detail to the units as possible we can, we applied the idle animation of the opensource Titan model from thundermods to our own Titan model.

We also made some updated texture's for the Limpet Drone and the Mobile Sensor Array, "yes also the nod version is textured but we are not going to show that one to the public because there are just some color change's on it and nothing less. ohhh and are using the Mammoth MK II model from the Vortex mod.

Mobile Sensor Array (MSA) Mobile Sensor Array (MSA)
GDI Mammoth MK II

We are trying to finish this mod as fast as possible to give you the classic experience but then in 3D. But we cant do this by just our self, so we are searching for people that help us with that.

We are searching for people with the following skills:

- Campaign and Multiplayer level design.
Your job will be to recreate the original Campaign missions from Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. you'll be also remaking the original Multiplayer levels from both game's, if you want to make a total new map then you have the possibility to make this as well.

- AI scripting
There are currently some glitches in the AI we have now, for example nod and gdi are not making use of the new units and buildings plus special powers to terminate the player, we are searching for someone that knows how write AI and also a good one, not the standard easy stuff made by EA for Generals/Zero Hour.

- 3D animator
We are searching for someone that knows how to bring life to a static 3D model. Your job will be to animate infantry unit's and the GDI and NoD mech units.
the animations you'll be making are. Idle, walking for example.

So do you have any of these skills and want to join one of the great cnc zero hour mod teams then don't hesitate to apply.

These applications are only for the mod Tiberian Sun Redux keep that in mind when you apply for one of these three app.

You can apply by mailing to, make sure that you place a link to your recent work or portfolio in the mail and also for which function you apply in the subject

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Sounds great! Hope you get the people you need!

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MrTimm Author

We hope so.

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