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We are getting there guys slowly but we are getting there, what I mean is that we are just missing 5 or 6 models to have all of the tiberian sun models and planted in the mod. Yeah just 6 *Do the Kane dance* Now lets be serious, after some code error I finally got the Carry-All to work thanks to Zeke. The Carry-All can only carry small units like, The GDI Titan, Wolverine, Juggernaut, AAPC, Hover MLRS, Mobile EMP, Nod TickTank, Attack Bike, Subterrain APC, Devil Tounge, Stealth Tank and the Mobile Repair Vehicle

The Orca Carryall is an unarmed utility craft.It is designed to carry vehicles across the battlefield, ignoring the restrictions of terrain, Tiberium or, in some cases, enemy defenses. Carryalls are much faster than all GDI ground units.

Powerful units such as the Disruptor become much more dangerous when ferried across by Carryalls. When paired with an APC, it can also be used to transport squads of infantry across the map. Unfortunately, it has weak armour, so care must be taken when flying across a potentially dangerous zone.

Model By: Flashknight33 and Ruby92

Also we have the original Random Crate from Tiberian Sun the model is by a unknow modeler and he did the Texture as well so all credits to the original artist.

The GDI Dropship is almost working correctly, so gdi commanders be sure to call in support if you are overwhelmed by your opponent.

With four powerful engines and a massive hold, the Dropship is the next generation cargo plane. It has full VTOL capability and can fly into a combat zone to deploy substantial GDI forces nearly instantly. In fact, it can even ferry the dreaded Mammoth Mk. II.

A number of dropships were equipped with atmospheric entry thermal shields and significantly more powerful engines, allowing them to land on the GDSS Philadelphia. They are known to crash during Ion storms, like all other aircraft.

Model by: Flashknight33
Re-Texture by: Taxikiller

Finally some real Tiberian Sun infantry and not the ZH infantry in Tiberian Sun Redux, while the model is to detailed you wont see it ingame, the gdi infantry are dark gold colored and nod infantry are gray/rust colored. But that doesn't matter right?

And before we end this post the GDI Tech Center is added to the mod aswell with the Tech Center you are able to build some advanced units like the Mammoth MKII the Juggernaut and the Ghoststalker, ohh and dont forget the GDI Upgrade Center.

The GDI Tech center allows the construction of advanced units and structures such as the Ghost Stalker, Mammoth Mk.II, Disruptor, the Upgrade Center, Landing Pad and Firestorm Generator.

Model by: Taxikiller
Texture by: Taxikiller

And something random GDI Force's falling back in a destroyed City.

This was it for today and like I said before we are almost there.

Burger_Kong - - 2,051 comments

Wohoo! Can't wait for TS Redux! :D

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not_a_fbi_agent - - 453 comments

looking good,new infantry models look awsome.

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Trailhog250 - - 714 comments

Never was a bug TS fan, but I like the way this mod is looking :)

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,132 comments


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Zone_Trooper - - 701 comments

Come on! We're almost there!

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Gregthegen - - 778 comments

haha hurray! Great job on the models!

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indios85 - - 73 comments

i think that the gdi rifleman is the same as the one in the inf beta from cnc reborn.

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