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Including LAN multiplayer support and important fixes.

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It has been 5 months since we released the first version of the Client. Until mid-October we released updates almost weekly, giving you saves in multiplayer games, improved compatibility with the latest operating systems, and tons of bug fixes and enhancements.

After that we haven't really noticed anything significant to fix or improve. Until today, that is.

If you've been following The Dawn of the Tiberium Age or Twisted Insurrection, you've probably already seen our new LAN lobby. With this update, you'll have it in Tiberian Sun as well; you can now battle with your friends without needing an internet connection.

CnCNet recently switched their game servers to the GameSurge network. The GameSurge servers have stricter data limits, which has caused some issues in the client, like the server automatically kicking you if you chat too much. The latest version resolves those issues, and so CnCNet multiplayer should function properly again as well.

Modders especially should be happy about two important bug-fixes that are included with this update. Non-deployable long-range units (TS doesn't really have any, but think of DTA's Nod/Allied Artillery or TI's GDI MLRS Walker) won't automatically chase after bypassing enemy units anymore, which prevents your artillery from wandering alone into the enemy base after a harvester, getting themselves killed in the process. Another fix is that having more than 75 buildable objects won't crash your game anymore; any extra buildable objects (that cross the limit of 75) just won't be shown in the sidebar. As such the fix isn't perfect, but it's better than getting your game crashed. Our thanks for these bugfixes go to AlexB.

Since our count of bug fixes is pretty huge already, there probably aren't that many bugs left in the game anymore. But, as before, we'll look out for them and fix them if we see any, and we might also release updates in the future to provide enhancements for the game and our client. Until then, we hope you'll enjoy this update!

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It'll update automatically to the latest version.

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