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You need to download the latest OpenRA release (20141029) to play this mod.

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Upcoming features:

- more maps with Tiberium for skirmish and multiplayer fun
- additional GIU, gameplay and ballance changes according to testing
- singleplayer campaign (when openRA's savegame feature will be implemented)
- one or two new sides:
1. UN SOG9 (United Nations Special Operations Group 9) - the NATO of the Command and Conquer universe and GDI's predecessor - operated from the end of WW2 ( Red Alert 1 ) up to 1995 when the UNGD Act passed officially enacting the GDI.
2. EESA ( East European State Alliance) - a group of ex-soviet states who fight to fend off Soviet influence and control, with little to no help from the west.
I haven't decided if these will be available in multiplayer or campaign only - or if they'll be implemented at all.

Beta 0.22 (latest) Changelog:

- Added Soviet ISU152
- Added Soviet Katyusha MLRS
- Added Soviet Col. Volkov (commando)
- Modified Tesla Tank weapon - it now fires a burst of 3 arcs
- Increased cost of Soviet Tesla Tank to 1850
- Modified GDI AGT weapon - now fires a burst of 3 missiles instead of 4
- Unique unit voice for NOD stealth tank - uses nod fanatic voice from TS
- Unique unit voice for soviet Tesla Tank - uses Soviet Shock Trooper voice from RA2
- Unique unit voice for Allied Predator Tank - uses vehicle voice from TS
- Unique unit voice for Col. Volkov (soviet Commando) - uses infantry voice from RA2
- Increased NIKE (sam missle) range and speed
- Increased GDI Commando sprite size by 1.3 to match existing infantry
- Decreased GDI Commando ROF
- Added LAW anti-tank weapon to Tanya

Beta 0.21 Changelog:

- Added tree maps with Tiberium - these are regular OpenRA maps witch I have modified to include the new resource.
- Added the SAM Site for NOD (CnC pop-up version)
- Added Banshee Gunship for NOD
- Fixed broken MCV prerequisite for the GMCV and NMCV
- Removed TD service depot (wouldn't repair units).
- Several small ballance changes

Beta 0.2 Release Notes:

Known bugs:

- New soviet units have not yet been implemented.
- There are no maps with Tiberium. For some reason, the openRA map editor crashes and I was unable to update the maps. Also, trying to load an old map from previeous TO / OpenRA versions will CRASH THE GAME. Don't try it.
- Some announcements may be missing.
- Build Pallet order is not finalised
- No sigle player missions have been implemented. Map editor crashes, old ones crash the game.
- Tania does not have an anti-tank weapon yet
- Soviet commando not yet implemented
- Turtle AI doesn't work for GDI and NOD opponents. Rush AI and Normal AI work perfectly.

New stuff:

- removed the Tiberium Research Facility from multiplayer / skirmish games. It will be a campaign unit only.
- each side has it's own EvA voice now. This is temporary as I might decide to have CnC sides have the female EvA voice, and RA sides have the British EvA from RA1. Right now, Soviets have the Female EvA with Russian accent, Allies have the RA1 British EVA, GDI has the classic female CnC EvA, and NOD has the Cabal EvA from TS. There is a poll on this, check the last post.
- Nod Stealth Tank now fires a laser instead of the rocket pack. More damage, same health. This was done to balance it with the Allied Predator Railgun Tank and GDI/Soviet Mammoth Tanks. It now requires both the Temple of Nod and the Obelisk of Light to be built, and costs 2200 credits.
- Soviet Tesla Tank hitpoints increased.
- Nod now has an Infiltrator Commando with a Laser Rifle
- GDI commando now has Anti-Vehicle capability to balance it with the NOD Infiltrator

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