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Tiberian Dawn Expansion + Dawn of the Tomorrow, yes, another update.

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We are still working on cameo content, waiting for updates from our developers, It only remains to wait for 0.25, as this update is very full of content.

Even so, all this can continue to be played, if you are aware of Github and discord, from time to time there are free updates of "ElPollo315" and patreon updates of "D4ny", updating with new content from each user.

Number 1: RA1 Countries:

  • I'm still working in a single extra country, it is Iraq with radiation weapons, there is not much special, since it is like the general Nuke of China, but with RA1 weapons

Number 2: Tiberian Dawn Expansion

  • Possibly he has planned following factions of the Tiberian universe (Steel Talons, GDI Special Forces, Blackhand, Chemical Nod, Stealth Nod, Scavengers, Infidels of Kane)
  • Steel Talons: this GDI is a hybrid of TD and TS, possibly using vehicles like the XO-Powersuit, and technology closer to what is TS
  • GDI Special Forces: the infantry is more specialized, and its arsenal is more similar to the Renegade, there are no commandos, but the officers would be like the lighter Commandos and easier to produce
  • BlackHand: similarly to renegade, with a wide range of vehicles with new models, most are a slight improvement over their standard counterparts
  • Chemical Nod: Similar to concepts like General Tao, or General Thrax, here everything is Tiberium-based weaponry.
  • Stealth Nod: Soon apply Prince Kassad logic to Nod, it will be much more annoying with camouflage tactics than with firepower
  • Scavengers: Inspired by the canceled Renegade 2, the Scavengers used outdated Soviet arsenal. They are basically a variation of nod that use Soviet era weaponry
  • Infidels of Kane: This cretation is not mine, it is Zhall's, and it is present only in the D4ny´s Patreon version for now, it is the hybrid between the GLA and Nod, this curious version uses the arsenal of both factions merged.
  • Renegade mode: the units control themselves, although they are stronger than the standard ones, this helps to not depend on the management of units although it can be annoying when invading bases


Number 3: Dawn of the Tomorrow

  • This is a universe created by Kilkakon, and it is a cooperation for Cameo, so here I leave his website to inform you more about his factions.
  • Link to Kilkakon Page:
  • Only 5 factions will be present (Cassandra's faction is very WIP according to him so that it can be included in Cameo)
  • Tomorrow: Terrorist faction similar to Nod, would seek to create a better world by all possible means, they use a heavy arsenal, with various crazy experiments
  • CoA: Company of Answer is a security company that would become involved against Tomorrow in the conflict.
  • Others: USA, Russia, Japan, represent countries. they have their own arsenals.

Dawn of Tomorrowdtcontent


wena la wea weon :D

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Elpollo315 Please don't tell me you forgot to check the all blog comments last update here?

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Elpollo315 Author

I'm complying with the majority, but I can't really include an arsenal 3 times bigger than a standard faction

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Sorry I don't know about it

i guess Japan keep minimum only for vehicles:
Here's the last list:

VX-Tank - Ground Twin Gunner and AA Flak Cannon
O-I Tank - Super Tank
Mortar Track

and the Naval list:

Mini-Sub/Midget Sub
Torpedo Boat with AA Gun
Yamato Battleship

Also in Tiberian Dawn Expansion, Why so many nod sub-factions?, where's ZOCOM?...There's any chance add GDI Pacific Sub-Faction?..

Wait..WAT happened to the Shockwave factions?.

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Elpollo315 Author

Shockwave factions are being developed by D4ny, he is delaying his, USA and China are the most complete Cameo Shockwave factions

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I like your work. Always nice to see more subfactions. CAMEO WILL GROW LARGER

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