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A new version of Tiberian Conquest sees the daylight, a mod/map for TripleA, now featuring 21 different units instead of just 8.

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A new release of the mod for the indie title TripleA, Tiberian Conquest, sees the daylight.

The 2.0 version presents a new war theatre, Australia, along with bugfixes and corrections to the existing European one. In both maps there are 21 units instead of 8 now, even though originally 24 units were planned.

The Australian war theatre:
Australia without the blend mode, v2.0 Australia, GDI attack, v2.0

New units:
v2.0, Europe || New units and a clearer minimap v2.0 || New units production screen

Some nasty bugs and other overlooked problems were fixed, e.g. all sea/water areas were not marked as "water" territory, therefore infantry and mobilised units could simply... walk on them. Also the naval unit (transport) neiter could be produced nor move in these territories.

Below you can download the mod (and above maps):
Tiberian Conquest 2.0
Source files v2.0

To install you simply need to copy tiberian_conquest_au and tiberian_conquest_eu folders into your maps folder inside your main game TripleA directory (or in your Documents folder where you have your TripleA saves/maps folders).

TripleA is a free, open-source game, you can download it here on IndieDB/ModDB:
TripleA download

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