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We've gotten further, but progress is slow as GB is away.

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Well its Thursday again, we've not gotten much progress the past week as GeneralBert has gone on holiday for 2 weeks so we don't have much communication with him until he returns, more about that here []

I've started on a new layout for the Zombie Pandemic website, a bit more zombie style than it currently is, not sure how long that's going to be yet, but I'm also completing the website itself to remove some of those annoying pages which just say "Coming soon".

In terms of engine progress, I've started implementing the shaders I uploaded the images of a while ago, the only issue we are currently having is about lighting, but we do have a solution in the making, again I'm not sure how long this is going to be, I usually do most of the engine work whilst talking to GB over xfire or PSN while he creates maps so we can share any ideas we have, but with him being away progress has slowed. We'll get you something cool for when he comes back though!
We recently started getting models for the levels made to give a much more ambient - well, it's more of a zombie infested look to the game, so we should also get some screenshots of those up in the future.

New Map!

We have a new map in the making, its known as "Dead Street" for now, I don't know how much detail I should go into about this as GB has spent quite a lot of time making it, I've got a test level of it here and I do have to say I enjoy wandering round in it, with some ambience and the right sounds and light this will be one very scary level, especially when you have hordes of the undead chasing you to the top of a derelict building with only one way out.

That's about all I have for now, I'll get some stuff up soon I hope!


cool those shaders looked good aswel, good to see lots of work is getting done. Fantastic work so far things can only get better!

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