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I am quiting modding but I still plan on replying here.

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As the 'Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' wisely suggests that you do not go on a trip without your towel, It seems that in my life's journey, I no longer need this towel.

It has been a good experience for the most part these (almost) six years. I am thankfull for all the help given to me from fellow moders and my friend 17blue17. Thank you all for trying the TN mod, for those of you who enjoyed it, it makes me feel good that I was able to contribute to something you enjoyed. There are many reasons why I was wanting to quit, I see no point in listing them now. I will say that if everything would have went as I hoped it would have, I would not have wanted to quit.

So, on top of those reasons which I have no reason to list, I also was given a miracle this last week. Even in the horrible economy and all of the holiday employees have already been chosen, the Creator has blessed me with a job so that I can finally pay the money that a agency has claimed that I owe, along with food and other living expenses. This new job alone reduces my free time, and over the years I have seen more value in learning languages, history, the Bible, guitar, and other things. Video games no longer have much value to me, even if they did, my computer is not able to play the new fancy ones I would be tempted to drool over anyway.

I have learned that moders are usually nice people who are very willing to help each other and usually unwilling to hurt other people. I have learned that the only two valid reasons to mod is for your own personal enjoyment, and to increase the enjoyment of the game for others. This world is certainly not a easy world for modders to live in, even when we help each other. I need to learn new skills, and have been. I need to find some other ways of helping people in life, and have.

here is the final verson of TN mod which has only a few tiny changes and may not even work with the latest Beta patches or patch:
if you do not know how to install it correctly from a .rar file, then please dont install it at all. refer to 14.113 install instructions if needed but again, if you dont know how to install it, dont install it.

I do plan on checking this forum once a week or twice a month at this time. So, I can still reply to people here but I do not plan on releasing anymore updates at this time.


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