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We Talk about the latest content and issues we have faced with dynamic platforms!

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I have found the hardest part of developing this game, or any game for that matter is intuitive dynamic designs and mechanics.

My latest hurdle that's almost jumped is dynamic platforms; I have been struggling with this since the early prototypes, but figured I could simply design around the issue. Well this week I decided to try and tackle this overbearing challenge!

Now animating platforms to move is easy and normally the player will stay on top of the collision, if the platform moves slow enough. What about fast jerky movements? The player will fall through the collision causing all kinds of issues. This is due to the collision being considered after the player controller.

I looked into rigid bodies among other things, but they didn't give me the flexibility I need since my platforms have intricate animations.

After a little research my programmer found we could use a combination of rigid bodies and a script that allows me to animate on a checkpoint basis. The great thing here is that no matter how fast the platform moves the player retains his position on top of the platform.

I have created the next room although rather small; its and old mechanical lift yet to be discovered in an ancient Egyptian Temple.

This room comes after the hectic third room, where the player avoid being crushed by all manner of things. I feel this room will follow the pacing of the game, giving the player a well deserved breather.

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