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With this update we will discuss the atmospheric changes and the players sense of achievement with the progression through each level and room. We will also look into the pacing of the game.

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So what sparks your interest more? Climbing your way up a tower to get to the helicopter, look back and simply see the tower standing around.
Or climbing that same tower as it falls down around you, to just about make it to the helicopter, you look back and see it collapse? A shadow of what it once was.

For me it's the latter, in video games I love to see visual progression and accomplishments. I love seeing the battleground I just fought on flooded with the bodies of the foes I just conquered (Grim right!).

This is something I have tried to represent in Through Time.

The concept of jumping your way through a room as it reacts to your movements. An when you finally reach the exit you can look back and think "Wow look at this mess!". But I was hoping more "Wow I made it through all that?!"

With Through Time I want to try and create that same feeling with each individual room, although its hard to consider for every room but this leads me onto my next topic, the Pacing.

Every game has a pace, it can range from a very slow intricate pace think card games or RPGS, to extremely fast, think FPS's and Brawlers.

Through Time is rather unpredictable, within the first room the player will traverse as fast or as slow as he wants meaning he sets the pace. But moving into the second room, you either run or die meaning its a rather fast pace.

Now with this in mind my aim is for the player to not notice the changing of the pace it needs to be seamless, to achieve this I cannot stick to the same pace for long else when it changes its noticed.

Consider epic moments in video games, why are they epic? Because they are so few and far that when you experience one its amazing and stays with you.

If you built a game with the intention of making each room an epic experience then it will all mould together making none of it feeling epic.

Thank you for reading!

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