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The Everqueen, The Black Heralds and The Griffon Riders of Yvresse. Check the media gallery for more information and pictures.

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The Everqueen, The Black Heralds and The Griffon Riders of Yvresse.
We have been working on this units the last week. Now they are finished and working, so I hope you like it.
Check the media gallery for pictures.
Enjoy the preview!

Griffon Rider
Those nobles from Yvresse have a special relationship with the Griffons of the Annulii. Most of them capture his own Griffon while the creature is still a breeding.

Black Heralds
Morai-Heg is an Elven goddess known as the Keeper of Souls or the Crone. She is said to hold a parch made of skin within which the fates of mortals are kept. She has the ability to read the future in the passage of the stars, and when death approaches she sends Banshees to foretell it with their wails. When an Elf dies, his soul passes into her possession and if she chooses she can release it to re-enter the world of the living again. It is believed that Morai-Heg knows every mortal secret. Morai-Heg is portrayed as an ancient and withered creature clad in ragged dark robes and carrying a gnarled, twisted staff and pouch. Her worship is probably the least popular among the High Elves. The Black Heralds are the eyes and ears in the life of the goddess of death. Able to hide in the faintest shadow and appear and disappear at will without being seen, they follow the path that the dark goddess told. While most fell under the influences of the cults of pleasure, others remained loyal to Ulthuan and family Anar.

Yvraine The Everqueen
Astarielle was the first Everqueen of Ulthuan and co-ruler of the High Elves with her husband Aenarion. Astarielle was killed by the forces of Chaos in the second Chaos incursion, her childrens Morelion and Yvraine were saved. Following the Chaos Incurison, Yvraine was made the next Everqueen and all Everqueen's are descended from her and her mother. Morelion lived in seclusion, not wanting to involve himself in the politics of the High Elves, but from his line came the twin heroes Tyrion and Teclis.


They are awsome. I just have one question. The Everqueen has 2 weapons. Does she have dual wield animations?

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Kolwen Author

Hello LordKronos.
Yes, she will use dual wield animations.

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