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A preview of some of the new maps coming in version 8.0 that are not set in Haradwaith

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Middle-earth is a vast land, full of strange, tranquil, and wicked sights. The four maps we're showcasing today illustrate this wondrous diversity and serve to further highlight the monumental effort we're pouring into making Age of the Ring's final map pool as interesting as possible.

Itä-mâ - 5 players

Set deep within the ancestral forests of the Lossoth, Itä-mâ (East-land in the Lossoth tongue) is an ancient place of worship. Time-worn standing stones dot the landscape, forming patterns whose meaning can only be gleaned by the shamans of the frozen north.


Offerings are presented to the spirits that are said to linger within the stones


Nobody, not even the Lossoth themselves, remember the people that erected the standing stones


The Rangers of the North occasionally visited Lossoth territory to exchange information

Taur-na-Vereth - 3 players

The secluded 'Forest of Feasting' contains numerous small hidden glades where the elven folk of the Woodland Realm delight in feasting and merriment. Be wary if you seek to approach uninvited - Thranduil's people are not known for their hospitality.


The elvish folk were passing bowls from hand to hand and across the fires, and some

were harping and many were singing.


Their gleaming hair was twined with flowers; green and white gems glinted on their collars and their faces and their songs were filled with mirth...


And the head of a long line of feasters sat a woodland king with a crown of leaves upon his golden hair.

Taur Hithlin - 2 players

Golden aspen trees line the shores of this serene lake within the 'Misty Lake Forest', deep within the woods of Lórien. Its tranquil waters create a gentle mist that enshrouds the surrounding woodland.


Though Mellyrn do not grace the soil of Taur Hithlin, the aspen trees still provide a golden canopy


A tranquil island at the center of Taur Hithlin


Gentle waters lap at the grassy shore

Goblin-town - 3 players

Far beneath the Misty Mountains, the Great Goblin rules the disfigured hordes of his domain. Elaborate traps are set in the High Pass to take travellers down, down to Goblin Town...


An endless horde of orcs congegrate around the vile Goblin King


Goblin-town's rocky outcrops are surrounded by levels of treacherous wood-and-rope walkways


Goblins quaff, and Goblins beat
Goblins laugh, and Goblins bleat
Below, my lad!
Ho, ho! my lad!

Ok bye!
The Age of the Ring Team


The goblin-town map looks really nice, although I miss some light. It seems to be very dark. As a self-confessed elf fan, I like the two forest maps best, of course. :P

I know I might be a bit annoying, but I'm just a Sindarin nerd and can't get out of my skin:
Taur Hithlin is grammatically fine, but Tolkien does not sem to use the genitive word order for forest names, but always noun-prepositional compounds. Instead of "lîn" I would also use "ael". "Lîn" as a word is a little ambiguous in its origin, so I would argue that "ael" is a safer bet here. Therefore, I would use "Taur-na-Chithael"

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MathijsRevora Author

Hmm. Honestly, in this case - given it's grammatically OK - I think we'll stick with Taur Hithlin. Because while I'm all for nerdy specifics, 'Taur Hithlin' has a nicer and more memorable ring to it...

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Another choice would be Eryn Hithlin, but as I said, Taur Hithlin is perfectly fine grammatically and I understand the point about it having a nicer ring to it.

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nice looks good great qualty maps soo too see can t wait for 8.0 version :)

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yay! Forochel! i went out of my way in LOTRO just to go there and i loved it

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Can´t wait for 8.0, have played your mod since v4.0, Really impressed by the quality of added units and buildings, as well as the gameplay related stuff!! So overjoyed that this game have AND can survive into this "Age" ^^

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Please We need the fortress of Thranduils Hall in the black wood!

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