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First update in a while. Team news and information on tech progression.

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This is the first update since January of this year, which was the first update since September of 2008. Needless to say, there's been a fair bit going on that we haven't been talking about. Today also marks the third anniversary of the mod's commencement.

The first and probably most important thing is the events within the team of the last five or six months. Basically, what happened was around February and March, elements of the team disappeared or resigned, for various reasons. Between then and a few weeks ago, no progress was possible, so none was made. It's as simple as that. However, some people have returned and others have joined, so we can now get back to work. Like all things, the makeup of the team left from before is best summed up in a list. Beta Testers not included. The rest are mostly still MIA, and if they're reading this, they're asked to contact me.


We'd also like to welcome three new people to the team; Med8r, as a mapper, Tony as a rigger and Dre as a voice actor.

One thing that was going to be explained in the update that was never posted is how tech levels will work in Imperial Civil War. Instead of the system used in the regular game, where you buy the next level in the form of part of the Death Star, or by stealing tech as the Rebels, the tech levels are done by who leads the Empire. Tech One is Isard, Two is Thrawn, Three is the Reborn Emperor, Four is Daala, and finally, Pellaeon for Tech Five. What this means is that to tech up as either faction, the current leader of the Empire must be killed. For example, if you're playing as the New Republic, and the game has just started, in order to advance to Tech 2, you have to kill Isard or hope that somebody else does it for you. We've been asked a few times if this means that to get better ships as the empire, you have to get your leader killed. The answer to that is a simple no. Instead of starting the game with the worst ships, and then as you tech up getting better and better ships, you have access to the kinds of ships that were built and used under that leader. For example, Pellaeon would have access to cloaking Star Destroyers, but the Reborn Emperor at Tech Three is the only one that has access to Sovereigns and Allegiances. If you did really want to get your current leader killed because you liked the next set better though, nobody is going to stop you. In skirmish the tech levels work as they always have, with better ships at higher Starbase/Shipyard levels, regardless of when they were used. A full unit list, including when the units are available, can be found on our forums, and will soon be on the main site as well, which I intend to do a full update of over the next week or two. Note also that units used as examples aren't set in stone, and are subject to change.

Finally, we are in need of a skinner to really get back to work. Anybody who wishes to apply for this position, email me at or post on our forums.

That's all for now, next update will be in one or two weeks,
-The Thrawn's Revenge Team


Good news, It's good to hear from you more, I enjoy these updates, Keep up the good work!

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