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Here we are with a new pile of content! A lot of things have changed since the previous update.

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The main news for today is the gameplay teaser!

Please note that the map used in the video won't be used in the mod because it was made to show you how does the portal detector work and how are portals going to look like in our mod.

This map is published on Workshop, so you can play it right now here <

But that's not all!

We remade a lot of stuff in maps, so it looks much better. Critics are really helpful

screenshot 1V2

The other notable thing is the storyline

We made non-linear plot, it was rewritten 4 - 5 times. We decided to create the horrifying atmosphere of emptiness which is unusual for Portal 2. We can't tell you much about story in mod, but for now we'll let you know, that plot will remind you iceberg. The more you play, the more interesting aspects of mod's universe you'll get.

The mod development is going to take a long time, but don't be sad! We'll be notifying you about all news on our Discord Server


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