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This week's development progress. New character models, working on formulars and numbers etc.

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This week’s Pumpkin update
Similar to when we were preparing for our Kickstarter, this is the point of production where there isn’t much we can update on or show. We’re currently discussing a lot of technical concepts and game balancing. Here is a break down on what we’re currently working on.

Pumpkin Online Development

1. Prototyping the house customization feature.

Similar to the Sims the farm map will be broken up into a grid, and you can place and rotate objects as you please. Jrome is doing a great job working on a prototype so far, and looks like we may have the prototype close to completion in a few weeks.

2. Player run economy balancing.
We’re conducting researching and crunching numbers related to gold vs item vs quality of item vs.time vs stamina etc. to ensure when testing out the economy it’s not horribly broken. Like I said another boring and confidential part of development we can’t really share.

3. Working out the character creationWe asked in a previous post for some feedback because we’re looking at what players may be expecting in our character creation. With that being said Mark currently is setting up the rigging on the character for animation. Afterwards we’ll be modeling the different body types. What we can confirm currently is we plan to have:

- Heavy character options.
- Different chest sizes (just because..)
- Choosing to have hips or no hips.
- Mixing and matching any of those features and more regardless of gender.

Kickstarter Updates
I’ve gotten the quote for the postcards we have to order. And we’re looking to order those next week. I’m excited because they are cheaper than I thought. Then after those are in we’ll be ordering the buttons. We have about 1000+ packages to mail out, it’s going to take awhile but we want to start getting the smaller physical rewards out by Christmas, then send them out in chunks for the next months after.

Other updates
Redoing the website, we should see a new website in about 2 weeks for the latest. Some new features we are setting up is the ability for people to create personal profile pages and submit fan-art to the website.
Special thanks to Avi Graphics for helping us out they are awesome!

Thank you everyone for you patience. We won’t be working on the project in full swing until January. We’re making preparations so that not only when we start will it be faster but to tackle issues early.

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