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This week we've been exporting and cleaning up more art, working on sound and getting other stuff ready for beta

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Tidying various items up.
Finished doing all of the valve clearances for the heads and cam alignments for the heads, although Cam timings could improved. I've almost finished exporting all Engine art into game (we really mean it this time!). Zeussy has finished an in game report system for Beta, allowing engine configurations to be send back to us as well as player feedback on whether it is close or not to what they are trying to build.
The Launcher is done, all works and tested. Implemented a Dyno Fan that spins, to add a bit more dynamics into the Engine test room, and also implemented sounds for both the Fan and Engine. The Engine sounds are just place holder for the time being, which leads me onto the FMOD Sound Designer.
FMOD Sound Designer is awesome, Zeussy probably will write more a little blog thing about it on his blog http// Which is more about the tech side of things. .
Thats just about it for this week.
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