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I have free time from work and school now, so I have decided to resume production on this mod. I plan on COMPLETELY changing how the Space Marines/Chaos Space Marines are played, as well as turning the Imperial Guard into a "turtle" race.

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Planned Changes for next major release.
Space Marines:
- Make it were you can only deploy a total of 100 marines (Battle Company Strength Force)
- Each Individual Marine is in a squad by itself, but only certain types of Marines (AKA Devastors) Can upgrade to have heavy weapons as each heavy weapon is now a weapon of absolute destruction (Increased Damaged Values)
- Incorporate new heavy weapons (Like the Plasma Cannon, Lascannon, Melta gun and the Multi-Melta)
- Heroes like the force commander will be something to be feared. For example a force commander should be able to wade through a bunch of Guardsmen without fear of dying.
Chaos Space Marines:
- Overall the same changes as above, though I will do my best to work as many different Demonic units/ Unique Chaos Warband units into them as possible. (AKA Bloodletters, Furies, so on and so forth.)
- Turrets/Garrisoned buildings will be something to fear as they will be able to devastate the heaviest of troops in seconds.
- Imperial Guardsmen Squad's name changed to Imperial Platoon, they will be weak with moderate to weak damage unless upgraded, or with a sergeant or heavy leader attached.
- Commisars are now unlimited because without them your guardsmen would be massacred.
- All vehicles will be really really hard to destroy (Besides the Chimera's and Basilisks)
- Baneblades will be the ultimate weapon you can field, able to lay waste to entire armies by itself, unless the enemy has anti-tank weapons.

General Changes:
- Any and all anti tank weapons are now vehicle destroyers, meaning a melta bomb to a leman russ will destroy it in one, maybe two shots. - Any and all Human infantry will be equipped with frag grenades, and upgradable with melta bombs (or demolition packs depending on the unit)
Thats all i can think that imma add for the first Beta/Alpha release of the new version. Please feel free to comment with criticisms/ideas that you want in the mod, and if possible I will add them because this is for all you DOW Soulstorm players out there lol :P


coool! glad too see you back in the land of the living.XD

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