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This Is War has been a long time in limbo, but it's return more than doubles the bang of the previous versions!

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Thanks to an ongoing project in the community forums called the OFDR Mission Editor Expansion and unprescendented level of stability has been realized for OFDR mission creators. Due to this coding breakthrough, this already epic mission has more than doubled in size from the previous full island freeroam version.

Locations can now be found practically everywhere on the island and the action is almost nonstop. While this is a major expansion on the original version, the full potential of the mission has yet to be truly realized. What you can expect though is huge open battles down to tight close quarters encounters where checking around the corner can make the difference between life and death.

Another big victory occured in the battle to fix the coop bug which made the game crash as it loaded. Now that that's fixed you can play along with up to four players and enjoy the epic battle together. All of your mission information is stored to an external file and will be loaded each time the mission is restarted so coop sessions can carry on with the island in exactly the same shape as you left it.

The plan is to keep on developing the mission as the new found limits of the game have not yet been touched and there are new ideas for making this mission even better so the fun has just begun. Enjoy This is War and stay tuned for future updates.

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