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This update covers some of the progress that Expanding Fronts has made following the 1.5 update. Bug fixes, balance improvements, and new content are all coming very soon!

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We hope you enjoyed your Star Wars Day (May the 4th). Following the release of Expanding Fronts 1.5, many team members have taken a well-deserved rest. However, some work has continued behind the scenes, and we are now closing in on a new update - 1.5.1. In addition to various bug fixes, the new update will provide a series of balance adjustments to both the new and original civilizations, the most notable of which being a significant reduction to the training times of most unique Fortress units. This should ideally make them a more prominent element of army compositions.


Allied Vision

One of the new features being introduced in 1.5.1 is an Allied map reveal option in standard games. This setting provides the effects of Holonet Transceiver for free at the start of the match, without the need for a Spaceport. Should you not enable Allied vision, the Holonet Transceiver tech will still be available in the Spaceport in the same slot as the tribute fee techs. Trade fee techs now occupy their own slot separately.

20230504 A

New and Updated Maps

We are currently in the process of overhauling Expanding Front’s library of Random Map scripts. In particular, the Food generation process is being rewritten so that the amount of berry bushes, herdable animals, and huntable animals is more varied. This also means that the chance of starting a map with no Food sources at all is significantly lowered. In addition, many of the maps are being tweaked to reduce the amount of obstructive props, cliffs, and elevation changes, along with general improvements to reduce the chances of unfair resource/land generation. While the changes included in 1.5.1 are limited to only EF’s new maps, we are planning to eventually make similar adjustments to the original maps.

20230504 H

We also have a fix for online multiplayer to solve the reported issue in which Voobly would ban members for “cheating” when using certain maps with the new cliff types introduced with Expanding Fronts. In the meantime, please avoid playing any [EF] random maps that you know use non-vanilla cliffs on Voobly.

New Editor Content

It’s never been a better time to be a scenario designer for Galactic Battlegrounds! We have several new additions to the Scenario Editor. One of our dev artists, Revan the Sith, has been continuing to work hard with adding nearly every notable character imaginable from across the galaxy! We hope to see more user creations in the future with the editor.

20230504 B

20230504 I


The building sets for the new 1.5 civilizations are not yet complete, and as such will not be included with version 1.5.1. However, we are ready to show off some of the upcoming art.

20230504 D

20230504 E

20230504 F

20230504 G


Once again, we'd like to thank everybody who has supported our project over the years. If you haven’t yet, join our Discord server to discuss the mod (or Star Wars) with other players, find people to play online with, or share your custom scenarios, campaigns, random map scripts with the community! Keep your eyes peeled for version 1.5.1, which should be out relatively soon. And stay tuned for new updates on what we’ll be doing next with Expanding Fronts!



FlippyWarbear - - 164 comments

My favorite SW mod! Cant wait for future updates! :)

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Magnum128 - - 104 comments

Can't wait !

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GoodLuc - - 86 comments

Very beautiful!

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RevanShan - - 885 comments


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Rewasder - - 6 comments

This has got me thinking... could a mandalorian faction be a thing in the future? Based around very strong infantry and supercomandos as a jetpack flying infantry as the fortress unit? Maybe even have less population but making their infantry really strong, like jedi level. That'd be cool, right?

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Tevious - - 392 comments

You wouldn't be the first. We are frequently asked by drive-by commenters to make them. While we don't take any faction/civ requests, Mandalorians are already among our list of possible future candidates. Ultimately, any future civs are only going to be ones that we want to spend time working on, as we are not doing this mod for any profit incentive (nor can we).

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SuperHunterX - - 289 comments

Boy, there's always something new and exciting with this mod with the development that's going down!

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tradenetbrasil - - 2 comments

This mod is amazing! I have some suggestions to make.
1) Jedi units randomly spam with alien species and others saber colors.
2) Jedi Units with force Powers (for example force protection, that created a force Shield around the Jedi for a period of time, blaster can use the force to deflect some ground Units blaster, saber throw, force grip, force heal...each Jedi Knight or master come with one Power randomly).
3)if its possible...create a trigger that If you pass to some area or press some Button you can load other map (Maybe It could help to space to land scenarios, like battlefront or Empire at war).
4)More civilizations like Yuuzhan Vongs, Rakatans, Sith Empire and Old Republic.
5)Randomly alien units.

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